Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia Reviews

Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia Reviews

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Weight Loss Tips and Recipes

Dieting and weight loss are two words that go hand-in-hand. So many people try to lose weight as quickly as possible and for some reason they do not always do the right thing that is safe for that. They do not care what they have to do to drop those extra pounds just as long as their scale is decreasing each and every day.
This is why  when people think of dieting and they think of losing weight they think of starvation diets that they are only going to do for a short period of time. But this is not the best approach if you want to maintain a proper body weight and you want to be healthy. And because there are so many different fad weight loss programs out there everything associated with losing weight and dieting has became a bit tainted.
So do yourself a favor and forget about these fad diets and follow at least a few of the recommendations I’m going to give you that will help you lose weight safely. Forget about those  super low-calorie diets that just make you sick and scrawny looking.
You should follow a good healthy nutritional plan that will not only help you lose the body fat but it will keep you healthy. So settle down and enjoy this article.

Some people try to cut calories to obscenely low levels. I have consulted with some people who come to me after they have tried to lose weight on diets that had been eating anywhere between your 300 – 500 calories a day. This is insane!  This is not healthy and is going to send you to the emergency room one evening because of malnutrition. Forget about the super low-calorie diets they are just a waste of time.
Your body needs a certain amount of calories every day in order to maintain its normal functions. Some of you may be practicing intermittent fasting and I am okay with this. With this type of program you are slowly reducing the number of calories you are eating every day. You’re not just dropping from 4000 cal per day down to 500 calories p even with intermittent fasting you should be consuming at least 1200 cal per day if you are a female.
Make sure that you have a  structured plan as to what type of nutritional program you are going to be following and how many calories you are going to be eating per day. And some calories are definitely better than others. 1000 cal from broccoli is so much better for you than 1000 cal from the candy bar. So make sure you’re eating foods that have lots of nutrition, vitamins and minerals every day.
The next step is to make sure that you are drinking lots of water every day. Quite a few of us are actually eating when our body is actually in need of liquid meaning water. Water satisfies so many needs of our body including controlling our appetite, hunger and cravings.
You definitely want to be drinking at least 60 ounces of water each and every day. And if it’s extremely hot outside add a few more ounces. Also if you are taking a very intense aerobic classes or doing some other type of exercise program that requires high-intensity or long-duration you want to be sure that your body is totally hydrated. This means you need to drink water. Soda does not count as water. So when I say water I mean regular water, playing good old H2O.
The next tip is to make sure that you are doing some type of physical exercise. This could be anything from playing a game of basketball with your friends, walking on a treadmill or even riding a stationary bike. Better yet go for a walk outside now that it’s summertime or even ride a bike outside.
Keeping your body moving is good for your physical self and also for your mental and emotional self. It burns a lot of calories and helps keep your body healthy, fit and trim. So long but following a good nutrition diet plan you also want to make sure you are performing some type of physical activity.
Make sure that you are eating the right type of foods. Your body requires protein, vegetables and good healthy fats. There is no recommended daily requirement for candy bars and milkshakes. If you are a man you should definitely be eating at least 70 – 90 g of protein per day and lots of good healthy vegetables.
If you are a woman you should be eating anywhere from 60 – 90 g of protein per day. Of course these recommendations are made for the overall general population and you definitely need to consult with your family doctor to determine the amount of protein that you need each and every day specifically for your own self. A
nd the amount of protein that you require in a day also bears depending on the type of physical type of activities you are doing during the day. This includes work and even the type of exercises and social activities like if you are playing basketball every day or baseball or football or something like that. And definitely make sure they were eating lots of vegetables. Most nutritional specialists to recommend that you eat at least 7 cups of  Vegetables a day.
And even eating a little bit of starchy carbohydrates like a sweet potato, regular potato, a half of cup of whole wheat pasta or brown rice or some other type of grain is okay. Just eat them in moderation. Eating 2 pounds of pasta each and every day is really not healthy and definitely not conducive to losing weight. The amount of starchy carbohydrates like this to you right able to eat in the course of the day totally depends upon you, your metabolism, your level of insulin sensitivity and what type of physical activity you are doing during the day.
The next tip is to keep things simple. So many people get involved in these complicated type of weight loss programs. It makes me totally crazy that they want to measure every ounce of food and count every gram of protein, etc. Losing weight and being healthy is all about making the right choices at the right moment in time.
Sometimes we just have to go with the flow if you have been out all day and you definitely need to eat something and the only thing that  is available as a hot dog, it’s okay. Go ahead eat the hotdog.
But instead of the eating the entire portion of bread, and half in each half of the roll. Just don’t use this as an opportunity to totally blow your diet program and eat whatever you want. Your program has to be adaptable. And if you do eat something that is not okay for your weight loss plan don’t worry about it.
Do not make yourself crazy. Just forget about it maybe do a little bit more of cardiovascular exercise and get back into your diet plan as soon as you can. Hopefully for the rest day and it’s not just make sure you start the nutrition plan follow with the very next day.

If you need help with determining what type of program is best for you to lose weight there a lot of specialist out there that can help you. There are medical weight loss doctors that specialize in good healthy weight loss. Some of them might even use injectable vitamins and appetite suppressant medications at weight loss pills. But these types of program are supervised by a medical physician and not just anyone can prescribe this type program for you.  
You could also work with a nutritionist and they could design a great program for you. In most of the medically supervised prescription weight loss programs that I have seen a also will discuss this with the proper nutrition and diet plan that you should be following to lose safely.