Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia Reviews

Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia Reviews

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Does Meditation Help You Lose Weight

Well it's Tuesday morning and it's time for me to get back on my weight loss diet plan. This weekend I did let myself go a little bit and take a little bit of a break.

Being very strict on your diet 7 days a week for each and every one of those twenty-four hours a day for a straight seven days can be difficult. And even though I have lost a tremendous amount of weight and people look at me and think that it's so easy for me, in reality it's not.

Because I have been eating a clean diet for so long I do not always get the cravings for the Cakes and Pastries and sweets like I did in the past. But at times of stress I always want to eat something that may not exactly be the best for me.

Of course I'm talking about something sweet like a candy bar or a scoop of ice cream. And let's not forget potato chips, pretzels and chocolate bars. Oops and I almost left out nachos, frozen yogurt and water ice. So even though I may not always physically crave unhealthy foods I do suffer from being a stress eater. When stress is high, that is when I crave the foods that are going to make me fat and even make my diabetes much worse.

And now that I finally am willing to admit that, I have realized that I now have to make an effort to reduce my levels of stress and strain. So I have started to implement some daily routines that will hopefully reduce my levels of stress during the day. One of the stress relievers that I have tried doing is meditation.

I have taken some classes on it and when I first took the classes I was really into it and I did it twice a day and 20 minutes for each of those sessions. And in the beginning when I first started I definitely set aside the time to do my morning and afternoon meditations. I did find my mood and attitude was much more relaxed and I was able to handle stressful situations much better. But I have to honestly tell you that finding two 20 minute sessions during the course of the day has become very difficult and I have stopped meditation.

And I do notice that my ability to cope with certain high pressure situations has taken a turn for the worse since I have stopped meditating. I also noticed that while I was meditating the dark bags that I had under my eyes totally disappeared the more I did my daily meditation. But since I have stopped meditating those bags have returned once again. So I am going to start meditating again! I am going to do a 20-minute session first thing in the morning and then I'm going to plan another 20 minutes meditation session sometime around lunch time.

One thing that I have to say is I am much more likely to do the meditation sessions if I scheduled them during the day. So just like I'm scheduling my consultations and appointments and therapy sessions with my clients and patients, I now schedule my meditation sessions in my appointment book. So I will let you know how this goes next week when I post again on the blog.