Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia Reviews

Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia Reviews

Monday, April 25, 2016

3 Scrumptious Recipes Under 400 Calories

Here are 3 scrumptious recipes that are all under 400 calories. They are easy to fit into any 1200 calorie or 1600 calorie diet plan.

Cranberry Orange Club Salad
  • Low sugar orange marmalade – ¼ cup
  • Dijon mustard – 2 tablespoons
  • A 2 ½ pound turkey breast half with the bone
  • 2 slices of turkey bacon
  • Cider vinegar – 2 tablespoons
  • Olive oil – 2 tablespoons
  • Another 2 tablespoons of the low sugar orange marmalade
  • Another one and a half teaspoons of Dijon mustard
  • 2 tablespoons of cranberries, dried
  • Orange juice – 2 tablespoons
  • Chopped romaine lettuce – 6 cups
  • Chopped tomatoes – 1 cup
  • Shredded cheddar cheese – ¼ cup
  • Shredded Swiss cheese – 2 tablespoons
  • Low-sodium or unsalted croutons – 2 tablespoons

Start by preheating your oven to 325°F. Then in a small bowl stir together the ¼ cup of marmalade and 2 tablespoons of mustard. Make sure that you remove the skin from the turkey breast. Rinse the turkey and pat dry, with paper towels.  Then placed the turkey breast with the bone side down on a rack in a shallow roasting pan. Roast the turkey uncovered for about 1 ¼ hour up to 1 ½ hours or until the juices run clear and the turkey is no longer pink. Be sure that you are basing the turkey occasionally with the marmalade mixture during the last 15 minutes of the roasting. When the  turkey is caulked remove it from the oven and cover it with foil and let it sit for about 15 minutes before slicing. While your turkey is cooking you can cook your turkey bacon, make sure that the bacon is thoroughly cooked and drained on the paper towel to remove the excess oil. Then chop up your bacon. For your salad dressing in a small bowl you can was together the vinegar, 2 tablespoons of  orange marmalade, olive oil and one and a half teaspoons of mustard.  Add the dried cranberries and the orange juice to achieve the  consistency that you like for your salad dressings. Shred half of the turkey for the salad and you can place the rest of the turkey into a container and refrigerate for another meal. When you are ready to serve just arrange your romaine lettuce on a plate and top with the turkey, tomato, cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, turkey bacon and croutons. This makes approximately 4 servings each having about 15 g of carbohydrates and 310 calories.

Sweet Potato and Yukon Gold Salad
  • Yukon gold potatoes – 8 ounces, scrubbed and cut into  ½ inch slices
  • Sweet potatoes – peeled and cut into ½ inch slices
  • Smoked turkey sausage – 7 ounces cut into ½ inch slices
  • 1 small red onion cut into very thin wedges
  • ½ cup of thinly sliced celery
  • Olive oil – 2 tablespoons
  • Cider vinegar – 2 tablespoons
  • Spicy brown mustard – 1 teaspoon
  • Dried sage – 1 teaspoon
  • Black pepper – ¼ teaspoon
  • Celery seeds – ⅛ teaspoon
  • Baby spinach – 5 – 6 ounces

In a saucepan cook your potatoes and sweet potatoes make sure that you use enough boiling  water with a bit of salt added to keep the potatoes covered for approximately 10 minutes or until it takes for the potatoes to become soft and tender. Then drain. While your potatoes are boiling in another skill cook your sausage, onion and celery in the hot olive oil over medium heat for about 5 minutes or until the I mean is tender and the sausage is cooked, browned. Then stir in the mustard, vinegar, pepper sage and celery seeds. When you are ready to serve place the spinach on a serving platter and top of your potatoes and sweet potatoes and spoon the sausage mixture over top. This makes approximately 4 servings each having about 26 g of carbohydrates and 253 calories.

Chilled Salmon and Tabouli
  • Fresh skinless salmon fillets – 1 pound
  • 1 cup of water
  • Salt – ½ teaspoon
  • Black pepper – ¼ teaspoon
  • 2 cloves of garlic, minced
  • Finely shredded lemon peel – 1 teaspoon
  • 1 ½ cups of water
  • Bulgar – ½ cup
  • Lemon juice – ⅓ cup
  • Olive oil – 2 tablespoons
  • Great or cherry tomatoes cut in half – 1 cup
  • Artichoke hearts – 1 cup drained and coarsely chopped
  • Cucumber, seated – 1 cup chopped
  • ½ cup of fresh parsley
  • Fresh mint – ¼ cup
  • 2 green onions sliced thinly

First clean your salmon and then place  poor the one cup of water into a large skillet bring it to a boil and then add the salmon in one single layer. Cover this and let it simmer for approximately 8 – 10 minutes or until your fish is cooked. When the salmon is finished cooking be sure to use  a spatula and move it onto a plate. And then sprinkle both sides of the salmon with the salt and black pepper.  In a bowl combine your  garlic and lemon peel and sprinkle this over one side of each of your fish fillets. Cover this and then chill the salmon. In another bowl combine the 1 ½ cups of water and the Bulgar and let this sit for one hour. Then drain the Bulgars through a fine mesh sieve and press out any of the excess water with a large spoon. In the same bowl whisk together the lemon juice, oil your remaining ¼ teaspoon of salt and the remaining ⅛ teaspoon of pepper. Add your drained bulbar, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, parsley, mint, cucumber and green onion and toss everything to combine nicely. Then break your salmon up into large chunks and toss the salmon into the bowl guard mixture. Cover this in a container and let it show for at least 2 hours and as much as 24 hours. This makes 4 servings. When you’re ready to serve all you have to do is divide this delicious mixture onto your plate and enjoy. This makes 4 servings each having approximately 22 g of carbohydrates and 393 calories.

Monday, April 18, 2016

How Can Yoga Help With Weight Loss by Philadelphia's Top Weight Loss Trainer

It has been over social media, lately, that people are practicing different types of yoga for help with improving overall health and wellness, mental and psychological wellness but also for losing weight..

Now I don’t know about you but personally I have always thought that yoga is more for mental relaxation and it does help increase the body’s flexibility and also tone muscles off at the same time.

So in my opinion it’s an excellent form of exercise for improving overall health and wellness. But I never really thought of yoga being performed specifically for weight loss. However, after doing much research I discovered that studies have been done that prove that yoga is good for weight loss.

The reason is that performing yoga regularly helps decrease certain chemicals in your body that are produced and you are stressed out. And of course these stress chemicals also increase your body’s  sensitivity to insulin and will cause your body to store more calories as body fat. But when you perform yoga it helps lower the stress hormones and also increases your body’s sensitivity to insulin which is a good thing because this allows your body to burn its own fat for fuel, instead of storing everything that you eat as fat. Now the type of yoga is called Sarundah Yoga.

And this is basically a series of specific yoga poses that should be performed at least 3 times a week. I’m going to do some research for you and in one of my next posts I will list the poses here for you, for Sarundah Yoga otherwise known as Morning Salutations Poses.

For now I am going to give you a list of yoga poses that will help you tone your muscles and assist with burning extra calories and body fat.  I have several personal training clients doing these poses and they all love them. So give them a try and let me know what you think.

*But please Remember to talk with your medical doctor and get their approval before starting any type of exercise program.

Here are the yoga poses:

Crescent pose – this helps tighten your of dollar muscles, hips and your leg muscles. You start by standing with both feet together and your arms at your side. Take a deep breath and and slowly raise your arms over top of your head and reach towards the sky. Then below the air and out and slowly then forward from the hips wringing your hands to the floor. I personally have to bend my knees when I do this but  That’s fine. Take another deep breath and and then exhale and while you are breathing out technique a step back with her right leg putting you into a lunge position. So now you are in the lunge position with her arms pointing upwards your head towards the sky and take a deep breath in and just hold position. I try to hold this position for about 5 deep breaths and of course breathing nice and slowly. If I feel like giving myself a challenge I will actually try to extend my left back a little bit creating a little bit of an arch in my back. Depending on the morning and how I am feeling I am not always able to do this added addition of a back extension arch.

The next pose is called the Willow pose – in this cleans up the side of your stomach. As with most poses you’re going to stand with both of your feet together in your arms hanging loosely and relaxed at your sides. Mentally focus and relax and after a few breaths in the standing position you’re going to place the bottom of your foot let’s say the soul of your right foot on the inside of your right leg. Try to go up as high as you can  bringing your heel of your foot all the way into the upper thigh of the opposite leg. Then just bring your hands together, any prayer position and take a few breaths and tried to stabilize and stay balanced. When you are stabilized raise your arms upwards towards the ceiling take a few breaths in and out slowly and then bend to the side, laterally to your raised leg. Hold this position for 4 – 5 deep breaths and then switch sides. Perform this pose 5 – 6 times if you can.

Rocking boat pose – this tunes your stomach muscles in your back. We are going to sit on the floor with your feet on the floor, having your knees bent and just place your hands when your upper legs. Try to keep your upper body straight and slowly leaned back about 45° and raise your feet so that they are an inch or 2 off of the floor. Try to keep your toes pointing straight out. Breathe in and out a few times slowly and then stretch out your arms in front of your body and trying to keep your legs close together and trying to lift your  legs of a few more inches so that your body forms the V. Now try to hold this position and breathe in and out slowly. Try to hold this pose for 4 – 5 deep breaths in and of course you’re going to breathe out slowly.

Hover pose  – this poses great for turning your back, arms, stomach and shoulders all at the same time. Read going to start this pose by getting into the push-up position. You want to have your toes on the floor and your arms straight out with your hands below your shoulders and then lower yourself down until your upper  torso is a few inches off of the ground. And hold this position for 4 – 5 deep  breaths in while slowly exhaling each time.

Chair pose – this is great for toning your tush and legs. You know it, we’re going to start by standing with her feet together and arms nice and relaxed by our side. We will then inhale and slowly lift our arms over our head pointing towards the ceiling. We want to keep our hands facing each other when we do this. Slow you breathe out and lower your tush so that your lower legs and upper legs form approximately 45° angle. You should try to hold this position for 4 – 5 slow deep breaths in and of course exhaling slowly.

Give them a try and post your results here.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Number 1 Food Not to Eat if You Want To Lose Weight

Well today is April 16th and already for the past few weeks I have been getting a tremendous amount of new weight-loss clients because everyone everyone once to lose weight and get ready for the summer. For some of us that might be just losing 10 pounds and for others that made me losing over 50 pounds. 

The place where I always begin is focusing on people's nutritional habits. This means their daily diet what they are eating everyday. What they are eating for breakfast, lunch dinner comma snacks and yes this does include beverages. The number one mistake that I see everyone making when it comes to nutrition is that everyone thinks that they should be eating oatmeal or some type of cereal first thing in the morning. This is totally not true. Most of the people I work with come into me eating the microwavable cinnamon and raisin flavor oatmeal and this is not real food. It's almost worse than eating a candy bar. This type of oatmeal has been processed several times and then they put sugar in it and different flavors. I had one fellow come to me saying that oh it's cinnamon and I read somewhere that cinnamon is good for decreasing blood pressure and that is very good for me. He was partly correct on that. 

Cinnamon in its natural form is very good for you and it is used by homeopathic and holistic practitioners to help people lower their blood pressure. But when it's in microwavable oatmeal I can assure you that it's not real cinnamon it's just a flavor of cinnamon. These food manufacturers spend millions of dollars on research and development finding different chemicals different products that taste like real food but they're nothing but chemicals. These chemicals do a really good job of fooling your taste buds and your brain that you were eating yummy cinnamon but it's just a chemical it's really not sending it. And if it is real cinnamon it's been processed and isn't loaded with sugar. 

This is why my number one rule for my weight loss clients is that they stop eating oatmeal. The one exception is if you were eating the steel-cut Irish oatmeal be organic oatmeal that is usually not that bad. But you do have to control your portion size for this. Usually a half a cup of the steel cut organic oatmeal measured after it has been cooked is a normal portion size for most people. Anything more than that overload your system and will put you into fat storing mode instead of fat burning mode. However, I usually recommend to my weight loss to clients that they eat a breakfast of good healthy protein and good healthy fats and finish it off with some vegetables. Yes you can eat vegetables for breakfast. 

For quite some time now I have been skipping breakfast and I have been okay with that and I have been maintaining my body weight and most of my clients also skip breakfast and they maintain their body weight. But for some reason I have been hungry first thing in the morning. 

I really should dissect my diet a bit more because this probably means that I am not eating enough good healthy fat and good healthy protein and that I am probably eating more foods that convert into sugar then I should be eating. Butt of late, life has been tremendously stressful and even though nutrition is my profession I am susceptible to the trials and tribulations of normal everyday life and food is what I go to when I am totally stressed out. 

And with eating this extra food have gained weight but it seems that I have gained more muscle instead of body fat. My upper torso my chest, back, biceps, triceps and even my lower extremities my thighs and my calves look much more muscular than I have looked in quite some time. 

For the past year I've been focused on staying as lean as possible while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Sometimes I have taken it a bit too far and I looked a bit too thin and when that happened I changed my portion of proteins and carbohydrates and try to gain a bit more muscle. But sometimes it's a delicate balance between being lean and physically fit and being too thin. 

So for the past few weeks for breakfast I have been having two eggs and a side of turkey bacon and even a little bit of hash browns. But I have not been eating the fried hash browns that are filled with oil I have been either making my own with half of a small baked potato or I have this fantastic Diner in my neighborhood that I will usually go to and they make the hash browns from scratch.

The main thing is that what you are eating and how it metabolizes in your body and hot it affects your hormones is the key to weight loss and good health.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How To Break a Weight Loss Plateau

Sometimes in life do you ever feel like no matter how much you try and no matter how well you play and things that something always go wrong. Well today has been one of those things for me. Since I have been trying to lose weight I have planned out my meals for two days ahead of time. 

I do not physically prepare the meals but I try to have everything together so that I could whip everything up very quickly. For breakfast this morning I planned to have a nice big cup of healthy fat coffee. 

I used a French press to make my coffee and I used a nice combination of the coffee beans from Dunkin' Donuts and then I used some espresso coffee beans. 

As everything was sitting nicely in the French press, the aroma of the coffee just filled the entire kitchen smelled so good. Then I got out my grass fed pastured butter (or you could use ghee) and my jar of virgin coconut oil and put everything into my Nutrabullet. And of course as soon as I start blending everything together there is a leak. 

And my wonderful ketosis coffee is suddenly  splashing all over the place. Not only did it splash on me and the counter top but it's splashed on my computer where I was writing an article for my blog this morning. Suffice to say the article that I was originally planning on writing and posting has been replaced by the article that you are reading right now. 

So, after I cleaned up the mess that I made; I sat down for a few minutes and enjoyed my delicious healthy fat coffee. And I even made extra so that I could take it with me and enjoy it throughout the day. My plan is to have this coffee as my source of fuel, energy the only food that I eat until lunchtime. A

nd I plan on having a late lunch. I will probably have lunch around 1 PM or 2 PM today. The weather is a bit nasty today. It's rainy, damp and windy. It's definitely not the type of warm sunny day that I was expecting as we are going into the second week of April. 

So instead of my wife meeting me at Panera bread for a lunch date I will probably just go home and have lunch with her. My wife makes an awesome low carb egg salad for me, with hard-boiled eggs and she prepares a low-carb sugar-free mayonnaise. You can actually find this recipe for the low-carb sugar-free mayonnaise on this blog somewhere.

If I have time and I can find the recipe I probably should just post it with this article today. 

So that's what I plan on having for lunch;  the low carb egg  salad with low-fat no sugar mayonnaise probably plus another cup of coffee with some half-and-half or heavy whipping cream and a few drops of liquid Stevia. 

This past weekend I was lucky and just happened upon a store that had sugar-free vanilla syrup. Normally I have to order this from Amazon if I want to get something special like this because the stores in my local area do not carry such awesome tasting foods that are sugar-free. 

So for dinner I am going to have salmon with some roasted brussels sprouts and I was planning for  dessert I'm going to make a great cup of cappuccino and I'm going to add in the sugar-free vanilla syrup. And hopefully I will not make another mess while preparing it. 

For my weigh in this morning I weighed 169.5 pounds. I would really like to get down to 165 pounds again. But for some reason I have been having a very difficult time getting below 168 pounds. 

I noticed that my legs are a bit more muscular as compared to when I was 165 pounds so I really do think that the extra weight is coming from my leg muscles. When I gave my wife a hug this morning she complained that my upper torso was too bony. She can actually felt my ribs and my clavicles so I don't think I am fat. 

Although my abs are not as cut as they are when I'm closer to 165 lbs. But just for me personally I feel much better when I am 165 pounds. So I am going to put some extra effort into getting back to the body weight again. 

I have been looking on my computer for that sugar-free low carb mayonnaise recipe but I have not been able to find it. And it's so much easier just to go to the supermarket and buy sugar free mayonnaise. 

So if you are into making your own low carb food you can search my blog here and you will find the recipe or just buy the sugar free version at the supermarket. 

And just because it's one of those days I might enjoy some sugar-free Jell-O with my cappuccino at the end of the day. I'm going to  try to keep my diet very tight and clean for the next week to get down to 165 pounds and if that doesn't work I am probably going to have to add some low intensity cardiovascular exercise like walking. 

The plan for at least the next 3 days is to have for my breakfast the healthy fat coffee and for maybe one or even two days I will have that for lunch also and not eat until dinner time. whenever I get in these little plateaus of weight loss I usually do a 24-hour fast. 

I do not starve myself; it just means that at the end of one day I have my dinner and I do not eat until dinner the next day. But I do enjoy my good healthy fat coffee throughout the day of my fasting period.

Every so often I will do this for 2 days back to back but I only do this when I am desperate because the weight is just not coming off or my blood sugar levels are very high. 

I hope you all enjoyed this article please come back next week and I will have some more health and wellness tips for you.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Best Weight Loss Plan Recipes in Philadelphia PA

Hello everyone in this article I am going to be giving you some really good recipes that I found from going to local restaurants and bakeries in the Philadelphia region. 

These recipes are delicious and we're going to also go over some of the smoothies that I enjoyed at some of our local Philadelphia smoothie shops and we're also going to be giving you recipes for some awesome breakfast omelets that I loved from some of the diners in the Philadelphia region. 

So just sit back relax and take note of all these fantastic recipes.  I hope you enjoy them because I certainly did. 

The whole thing is with these recipes when I had them at these restaurants and diners and bakeries they were loaded with lots of calories so I tried to make them into nice delicious low-calorie version of these meals. 

Some of them are going to be 200 calories or even a little bit less than 200 calories and then others are going to be upwards of 200 calories maybe going up to 400 calories or a little bit over or under 400 calories. 

The ones that are a little bit higher in calories have a little bit of an extra punch to them as far as flavor and things like that. The breakfast omelet recipes are very low in calories because eggs are probably one of the best foods for us to be eating as far as nutrition, staying fit and even if you want to lose weight. 

Eggs are loaded with lots of good healthy protein, good healthy fats and the calorie level is very low. A large eggs has maybe about 70 calories or something like that. As you know normally I will just enjoy a nice cup of coffee for breakfast with some grass-fed butter and a tablespoon or two tablespoons of coconut oil. 

I always found this to be very satisfying but I noticed that recently my blood sugar levels have not been as good as they have been in the past. So I started adding a couple eggs to my breakfast in the morning and I actually stopped doing the coconut oil and butter in my coffee first thing in the morning. 

So I'm doing a little bit of an experiment on myself seeing which menu which foods will help maintain my body weight below 170 pounds and will also keep my blood sugar levels within normal limits.  If you are one of my subscribers and read this blog every week or so you know that throughout the week my body weight might fluctuate anywhere from one hundred and sixty-three pounds all the way up to 170 pounds. 

Now I consider this normal because most of the week I follow a very strict diet I follow a diet that is high in fat good health and low in carbohydrates but my willpower is not really big a strong as it has been in the past. So for 5 days I follow a very tight diet and then 2 days of the week I am more loose with my diet by eating a little more starchy carbohydrates. 

But of late, I have been munching on French fries, popcorn even some bread if we go out to dinner or go to a friends for dinner or something like that. So I know that my willpower has been slacking, in that has been a reason for my sugar increase probably especially at night. I mean the Mrs. and I went out yesterday and for lunch and for dinner I had a double bacon cheeseburger with an order of french fries. 

Now this is definitely not a healthy way to eat. Maybe having one of these a week is fine but I actually had two of these carb and sodium loaded meals in one day. Suffice to say I was 6 pounds heavier than next day. I was the heaviest that I have ever been in quite some time. I actually was 174 pounds so I really have to start getting my stuff together again. So for today I am going to keep a really clean diet. 

My lovely wife just made me 2 large eggs and of course I had a cup of coffee with that but I just mixed it with half and half and a little bit of heavy whipping cream. I would have used just the heavy whipping cream but I only had about a teaspoon of that and I really like my coffee extra light. 

It's funny I like the dark roast and Columbian roast coffee and even the espresso coffee but I do like to mix my creamer in there. In my mind it's okay because if I'm using the heavy whipping cream it has lots of good healthy fat and that should hopefully help keep my sugar and insulin levels lower.

So for me today my breakfast is going to be these two eggs and for my lunch I'm actually going to try to skip lunch today I'm going to try to do a little bit of intermittent fasting where for today I'm just going to do two full meals. 

I'm just going to eat these two eggs for breakfast, and I am going to have coffee throughout the day of course with half and half and some Splenda or Stevia and I'm going to drink lots of water during the entire day it's going to be my goal to drink 100 ounces of water today. 

I did some reading and I read that we should be drinking half of our body weight in ounces of water and then if you're drinking something like coffee or soda or something other than water that we should actually drink that same amount in water so because I usually drink at least 20 ounces of coffee every day I'm going to be trying to drink an additional 20 ounces of water in addition to the 80 ounces of water that I try to drink every day normally. 

So I hope this works and hopefully and if it does I will be several pounds lighter tomorrow morning when I wake up. Now because I ate my meals at restaurants yesterday and because they were probably loaded with salt, (the french fries definitely had lots of salt in them and when you get hamburgers at at the restaurant they usually have lots of salt and then even when you eat chicken out at the restaurants and diners if they are usually loaded with sodium as well; it makes them look plump and juicy and it makes it look like you're getting a whole lot more for your money than  you really are) and I know this and I should not have eaten both of these meals yesterday but sometimes stuff happens and you just don't follow the diet plan 100% perfectly. 

But I know that even though I messed up yesterday and I over-indulged with my food intake and not eating the right types of food that if I follow my usual recipe plan for today like I have just laid out for you, a few sentences ago, that I should hopefully be anywhere from three or even four pounds lighter tomorrow. 

Again I'm sure a lot of the weight I've gained has been from water weight from the salty food that I ate yesterday. And because of this I'm going to make sure that I'm drinking extra water today in order to flush that extra water out of me. In my personal experience when I feel that I'm over bloated and that I'm retaining too much water from having too much sodium in my diet that by drinking a whole lot of extra water and following a very clean diet for a few days this helps get rid of that water weight very nicely. 

I know some people do exactly the opposite they stop drinking water and this is the worst thing to do because your body needs water. In fact some of our weight loss clients the only thing that I did with their diet plan is I had them increase their water intake and then they lost five or six pounds immediately without even changing their regular eating habits. 

They were following a pretty good diet but they were drinking soda, but I will say that were drinking diet soda so that's not as bad but you still need to drink regular water in order for your body to get all the benefits of it.

Okay, I know you are saying enough stop talking give us the recipes. I am sorry for going on but I feel really guilty for what I did yesterday with my eating and the weight that I have gained today so I just had to get it off my chest. 

But in addition to me just venting and trying to get rid of some of the guilt that I have from not eating properly and gaining so much weight; I put all of this on this blog so that you my faithful subscribers realize that everyone slips up when it comes to diet. 

Even though my job is to help people achieve Wellness, Health and more often than not that includes losing weight, even though it's what I do for a living, that I still have bad days. I call these days hiccups. 

So every once in awhile it's normal for everyone to get a case of the eating hiccups and eat foods that are not so good for them and gain some extra weight. The only problem is that it's really easy to pack on these extra pounds. You can do it in the course of just one day or possibly even two but it usually takes double the amount of time to get those extra pounds off of your body. 

For me I try to keep these hiccup days to a minimum but like I said it's been a little bit difficult for me lately and I do know better but I guess it's just a mental thing. I've been eating so perfectly and so clean for such a long time that I guess I am just letting down my hair so to speak and not being so perfect. 

The good thing is that even though my sugar level has been increasing a little bit it's not totally out of control. My sugar levels are still good but they are not as good as when I was following a perfect diet. I do admit I have been indulging a little bit more on the weekends with some food that I have not eaten in quite some time and I know that I should definitely stop this if I want to maintain my goal sugar levels and my goal body weight. 

And this just reinforces what I tell all of my weight loss and health clients; that losing weight and being healthy is not about just a diet. It's not about following a nutrition or a weight loss plan for 30 days and getting some phenomenal results and then blowing it all up by eating and drinking whatever you want. 

If you do that you'll just go back to the same body weight and same level of health and fitness as you did before you started the weight loss plan. So it's truly about making a change of Lifestyle. 

So once in awhile you're going to take a little vacation from this healthy lifestyle and that's not such a big deal it's not a problem just as long as you know what you're doing and after a little bit of not doing things exactly as your weight loss plan calls for that you realize what you are doing; that you understand what you are doing and hopefully you know why you are doing it and you get it under control and you get back into doing everything you need to do to maintain the healthier lifestyle. 

And now here we go, here are the great recipes that I told you about.

Veggie and Bacon Omelet
Starting your day with a delicious omelet loaded with lots of good healthy veggies extra protein and your good healthy fats is a fantastic way to start today and get you into fat burning mode.
Chopped asparagus - 10 stalks
One quarter cup of water
Bacon - 4 slices chopped up
extra-virgin olive oil - one tspn
3 eggs
Shredded cheese - one quarter cup
Salt - 1/8 tsp
Ground pepper - 1/8 teaspoon

Cover and cook the bunch of asparagus with the water until it’s a bit soft. Start by having the water and asparagus boil and then once it is boiling cover the pan and let it cook for approx 2 min or so or until the asparagus is a little soft. Once it starts to boil it will probably take another 2 minutes or so until it’s soft. Then take the cover off and just let it cook until the water evaporates. This normally takes 1-2 min more. Then we add the oil and bacon to the pan and mix nicely. You can also add 1 tsp of butter to the pan to help prevent sticking. Once the butter has melted add the eggs and let it cook. You want to stir occasionally until the egg is firm and then add the cheese, pepper and salt. You can add the remaining water if needed if it dries out to quickly. You can then cover the pan and allow everything, cheese, etc… to melt and blend nicely. Cook until it’s all cooked thoroughly all the way through. This has approx 200 calories.

Herbal Omelet
This omelet reminds me of the delicious Sunday morning breakfast that my grand-mom Sophia would make.
Onion - one cup diced
Water - one quarter cup
extra-virgin olive oil - one tsp
large eggs - 3
One teaspoon of dried oregano
salt - ⅛ tsp
cheese - 2 tbsp

Let's start by sauteing the  onion in the ¼ cup of water until the onion is soft and cook until the water has evaporated, then add the olive oil and continue to cook until the onion is browned a bit and next we add the eggs and stir occasionally, mixing everything together nicely. Finally add the cheese and other ingredients - cover and let it melt together nicely. This has about 200 calories.

Banana Cocoa Smoothie
Coconut milk - one whole cup
unsweetened cocoa powder - two tbsps
Stevia or any sugar substitute - to taste
1 small banana
Combine all the ingredients into the blender and enjoy.

Fruit and Yogurt Parfait
full fat organic greek yogurt  - one cup
1/2 cup of  blueberries or any other fruit that you choose   
cinnamon - one tsp
Put the yogurt in a glass then put the fruit on top of the yogurt and sprinkle the cinnamon over everything.

Morning Good Taco
Warm and soften two whole wheat tortillas topped with with one tbsp of salsa and two tbsps of shredded cheese until the cheese is melted. At the same time you should be cooking (scrambling) two to three eggs and then divide the eggs over top of the tortillas. Then enjoy these delicious tacos.

Give these recipes a try and let me know how you like them and come back next week for more weight loss tips.