Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia Reviews

Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia Reviews

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Can I Take a Pill To Lose Weight That Actually Works?

I just spent the entire day Consulting people helping them achieve their weight loss goals. Most of my weight loss clients have done exceptionally well and have lost weight. The only people that did not lose weight are the ones that did not follow my nutritional recommendations.

Their question to me is “Can I just take a diet pill and lose 30 pounds in 30 days?” And of course my answer to that is no it's not possible.

And even if it was possible it's probably not safe and it's probably not weight loss that they are going to be able to maintain and keep off.

It doesn't matter what type of medication or even what type of nutritional supplement you're taking; nothing is going to magically make your body fat disappear. I really do wish it was that easy, but it's not. The best appetite suppressant medications and weight loss pills work primarily as appetite suppressants.

This means that they decrease your appetite. As an added benefit some of them actually will speed up your metabolism and this is definitely a plus. So in addition to controlling your appetite they give you an increased metabolism which is almost the same as doing some type of exercise every day.

The medication that I find that people do the best with is the weight loss medication called Phentermine. This is one of the best medications for weight loss that I have seen prescribed by weight loss doctors.

It's a fantastic appetite suppressant medication and it also doesn't give you a boost as far as your metabolism and fat burning system.

But even though this Phentermine helps kill your appetite and it helps boost your fat burning metabolism you still have to follow a good nutrition plan. If we nothing but Pizza, Hoagies and hamburgers all day long you are going to be lucky if you lose anyway. If you follow a good nutrition plan, a good meal plan and add to that a bit of physical activity you should definitely be able to lose some weight.

And this is what really has to be done. Some of the best medical weight loss doctors I know like the weight loss pill Phentermine to help their patients lose weight but they also give them a very good meal plan so that they will have the best chances of losing weight. Plus they will be doing it safely and in a healthy way.

I do know that there are some people that take the weight loss pills and they do no exercise at all and they don't really follow a nutrition diet plan and they still lose weight just because the medications are so good. They eventually hit a plateau and they stopped losing weight.

Automatically they asked their weight loss doctors if they can take more weight loss pills and most of the time when they are questioned about their nutrition and exercise plan and if they are following it when they tell the doctor no most of the time the doctor is going to tell them that didn't weight loss pills is not a magical solution. That they also have to follow a good meal plan in a bit of a exercise plan if they want to breakthrough that weight loss plateau and start losing weight again.

Most of the medical weight loss diet doctors that I know of will only give you an increase in medication if you are truly following a diet nutrition plan and an exercise program. You have to be totally committed to achieve your weight loss goals. If you are not totally committed you are not going to be successful and you definitely will not maintain any type of weight loss if you don't continue with your nutrition plan.

Mistakenly, people think that if one pill a day helps them lose weight by taking two or even three pills a day will help them lose weight even more quickly.

And that they will lose a whole lot more body weight and body fat. But this is so far from the truth it's totally ridiculous. You really want to use as little medication as possible. If you can get away with you losing weight by only taking one half of a weight loss pill then that's what you should do. There are limitations to the quantity of different medication that you should be taking in one day.

And you eventually will build up a tolerance to most type of medications. So the weight loss doctors that I know usually recommend that you take the minimally effective dose of the medication to achieve your goals. And what this means if you take half a tablet today and it controls your appetite enough that you were able to follow a good meal plan and do a little bit of exercise and you continuously lose weight then Dad is in the dose that you should say that.

Increasing dose is not going to have you lose weight any more quickly. Your success is totally from your following the nutrition plan and the exercise that you are doing. And the problem is that some people try to pump up the dose of medication very quickly and then it stops being effective because they build up a tolerance. At that point the doctors really have no alternative but to put them on a break from their program. And from what I have seen people are depending upon the medication so much that they start gaining the weight back because while they were taking the medication they never really developed good eating habits.

And that is the whole purpose of the medical weight loss programs. That medications do a very good job of controlling your appetite and the doctors teach you what you should be eating the proper types of food and the proper portion sizes. Following their recommendations usually will help you lose weight but it will also help your stomach shrink. And this ultimately means that you should maintain your weight loss. You have trained your body and develop good healthy habits of eating the right foods and eating the right portion sizes.

Your body will automatically start craving good healthy foods instead of the bad junk type of foods they were eating before doing the weight loss program. And because of your stomach shrinking you will not be able to overeat like you have done in the past.

So this is why people that do a good medical weight loss problem usually retain their weight loss if they did it properly and follow the doctor's directions and change their way of eating and developed a good healthy lifestyle habits.

In summary; you need to follow a safe and nutritionally healthy meal plan to lose weight and maintain you weight loss. Weight loss pills do help eliminate your appetite but you still have to eat right and exercise for long lasting weight loss.