Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia Reviews

Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia Reviews

Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Best Diet Doctors Near Me in Philadelphia

Weight loss is something that is easy for some of us but difficult for most of us. Their are lot's of reasons why we have so much trouble losing weight and today I am going to talk about why I thinks so many people have tried every diet and exercise program but they still can't lose weight no matter what they do. And then I will tell you what I did to lose weight successfully. 

You know sometimes in life we all just get so caught up in everything that is going on around us. We have family, friends, children, spouses, significant others, parents, brothers, sisters and so many other people that are pulling at us each and every day of our lives. 

Sometimes we are so busy taking care of our responsibilities, busy taking care of everyone else that we forget to take care of ourselves. This can cause us to lose sight of ourselves, to really know who we are, what we are and what we want in life. 

We spend our lives playing the role that people have given us in life. If you are a father or mother you are assigned the role - the character of being a caretaker, a provider, a protector a nurturer. 

Now being a parent is just an example I could've easily said being a husband and a wife or a child. Each of us have the roles that we play in life assigned to us either of own choosing or by a series of events that leads us to a particular position or to a particular lifestyle. 

As a parent I know that I am doing so many different things during the day. I'm taking care of my children, I am going to work every day, I'm taking care of my business, I'm taking care of clients and all the responsibilities that comes along with my employment in my business.  

Because I have so many responsibilities often times I forget to take care of myself. I might forget to eat properly. I might forget to eat breakfast and lunch and end up only eating one meal a day. 

I might forget to exercise because there is hardly ever enough time in the day to do everything that I'm supposed to do. I won't do something just for me like relaxing, reading a book, meditating and spending time taking care of my body by exercising even if it's just going for a walk for 20 minutes during the day.

Because of all the stress and strain of our responsibilities in everyday life I tend to be a stress eater so because of this it seems that I all day long I am stuffing my face, even though I hate to admit it. 

But there came a point in time when I had to get myself under control and I had to get myself healthy. Because I realized if I just continued what I was doing I was either going to have a heart attack or stroke or some serious health issue and probably end up dead at an early age. 

And then I thought to myself what would happen to my wife, what would happen to my children if I was not here to take care of them? So because of this I decided to get myself together. 

I found the weight-loss plan that works for me. Because my blood work showed me to have high blood sugar levels and being diabetic, I did lots of different diets to see which one would be the best for me. 

I hate to say it but almost everything that I ate raised my blood sugar levels and the only things that seemed to keep my blood sugar under control were good healthy fats like olive oil, Simon, Flax oil and good healthy meats that have a little bit of fat in them. So this would be salmon, because it's a Cold-water fish it's a fatty fish it's a fatty protein and even with the beef I started eating some of the cuts of beef that had a little bit more good healthy fat in them they call that marbled steaks. 

But the problem was that if I ate too much protein my blood sugar level still spiked so I had to really watch the amount of protein that I ate each and every day. On top of this I had to really monitor the starchy carbohydrates like the breads, pastas, rices and especially the cereals and oatmeal. 

Oatmeal, was probably the thing that spike my blood sugar the most. Even though most of us are told that oatmeal is so healthy and so good for you; all it did was increase my blood sugar levels more than any other type of food I ate. I don't know if it's because most of the oatmeal that we eat is made from grains that are genetically modified and this means they are a whole lot different than what my great-grandparents ate back in the day. 

And I found it funny that my great-grandfather would eat three or four eggs every morning with lots of bacon and I'm talking regular bacon, not turkey bacon, he would have two or three slices of bread and of course lots of butter on his toast and my great grandma would usually cook the eggs and bacon in lard. Can you believe it? 

They cooked everything with lard. So I really do understand how back in the time of our great-grandparents everyone was so healthy. My great-grandfather was a physical labor, he was a contractor and he worked hard each and every day and he worked long hours and most of the time he was working seven days a week to make enough money to take care of his family. 

But I remember him being well into his late 60s and being lean muscular. His forearms were like the cartoon characters Popeyes! Popeyes arms were huge. 

My great-grandfather did not an ounce of fat on him into his late 60s and well into the 70s and of course he was he was working full-time. 

So I really did not understand why is it that our great-grandparents ate all types of proteins and all types of fatty foods and that even ate bread and they were healthy! They didn't have any of our health problems and they weren’t fat.

They didn't have high blood pressure, diabetes or strokes. They were perfectly fine and healthy and much healthier than we are today. 

SO if they supposedly ate so bad, WHY were they so healthy?

Are you ready? I will tell you why!

In our present time we have recommendations that are put out there by the different Authority Sources telling us that we should not eat eggs, we should not eat bacon, we should not eat bread and that everything should be fat free. 

So all of us are following all of this wonderful advice but most of us are just getting fatter, most of us are just getting sicker the majority of the people my age have either diabetes or hypertension and everybody has some type a thyroid issue and everybody's on some type of medication for some type of exotic disease that did not exist back in the time when my great-grandparents were eating eggs and bacon and butter each and every day.

And to make it even worse all of us going crazy with exercise. All of us belong to a gym all of us are doing Zumba, CrossFit, tae bo tapes if you have them stored from years back and lot’s of us are doing different types of crazy high intensity exercises and we're just getting bigger, sicker and just getting fatter instead of losing body fat and losing pounds and inches.

So I did some significant research and I discovered that the problem is that many of us are eating foods that really aren't what we should be eating for our body type. 

And yes corporations are giving us a bunch of information that quite honestly in my opinion, from the research that I did and from my personal experience is just totally wrong.

Part of the problem is that the foods are not real food - they are modified now. They are genetically modified, they're not the same type of foods that are great-grandparents ate. The oatmeal that my great-grandfather was eating was not the type of oatmeal that I'm eating today. 

Even if I buy the organic steel cut type of oatmeal just like my great-granddad used to eat it's still not the type that I am eating now that is genetically modified. Now I have a question for you. 

If the crops in the field are genetically modified so that storms and rain can’t destroy them, insects can’t eat them and pesticides don't destroy them how can we eat them? 

How can our body digest them. If a bug can’t  eat it... do you think you can?

Another problem is that all these different big corporations I believe are just looking to make cheap product that are inexpensive to produce and contain low quality ingredients. So we are eating poor quality foods that last forever on the shelves of the supermarket and bugs really can’t eat them - but supposedly we can.

All of this adds up to us eating a crappy type of food product. Pardon me if using the word crap offends you a little bit but I am really upset about this because if you have a problem and you are trying to find out how to get healthy, eat healthy high quality foods and lose weight you are out of luck. 

Because most of the stuff that's out there for us to eat is totally garbage. And I have to say even some of the organic products that we are purchasing aren't all that fantastic. Now if there was one type of food that I would definitely suggest that you buy organic it would be fresh strawberries.

So after all of this I'm going to tell you what worked for me to lose my weight. I found a great medical weight-loss doctor in Philadelphia and he has a medically supervised prescription weight-loss program in Philly. 

A prescription weight loss program means that the doctor gave me weight loss pills and appetite suppressant medications. For me the doctor recommended that I take phentermine and he said that the majority of his patients had fantastic results while taking the phentermine. Now phentermine is the generic version of the brand-name weight-loss pill Adipex.

But if you go try to buy Adipex at the pharmacy it costs a fortune. So the doctor actually provided me with the generic version of the Adipex which is phentermine  from his office. He actually gave me the weight loss pills. And compared to what I would pay at the pharmacy it was inexpensive. 

Along with the medication he gave me a vitamin B-12 injection, that in my personal opinion it gave me a boost of energy. And I think because I had more energy I was more active and I probably lost a little bit more weight because of my being more physically active.   

And after I consulted the weight-loss medical doctor I spoke with the nutritionist in the office who gave me a questionnaire to complete and basically my answers to these questions helped the nutritionist determine what type of metabolism I had. 

This told the nutritionist if it was OK for me to eat starchy carbohydrates like the breads, pastas and rices and if I could eat a lot of them or if I should keep them under control and eat them in moderation. 

For my metabolism the nutritionist recommended that I actually eat a little bit of everything. I was quite happy about this because I really like food. 

For me, I was allowed to have as many leafy green vegetables as I wanted in fact the doctor and nutritionist suggested that I eat at least 7 to 8 cups of leafy green vegetables every day and then with that he allowed me a certain amount of beef, chicken and fish and a certain amount and portion size of the starchy carbohydrates like bread, pasta, rice and how much fruit that I should eat as well. 

The great thing is that they gave me a booklet detailing everything specifically and they also have lots of material on their website, lots of videos, lots of articles and a tremendous amount of recipes that were all really tasty and all helped me lose weight. 

So if you live in Philadelphia and need help with losing weight I definitely recommend that you give these Philadelphia diet doctors a call. They are really friendly, their office staff is super friendly and the doctors are very professional and they know what to do. 

The doctors are not your normal stuck up white lab coat type of Doctors. These doctors will actually smile at you, they will actually talk to you and get to know you and I really appreciated this and was grateful for it. 

How often you see the doctor depends specifically on you. For the amount of weight that I needed to lose and everything that was going on with me I saw the doctors about once every four months and this was perfect for me. 

So if you're looking for the best diet doctors in Philadelphia I really do recommend that you call these medical weight doctors because they really know their stuff.