Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia Reviews

Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia Reviews

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The 3 Things That All Philadelphians Have That Are Necessary to Lose Weight

Let’s start by first saying that if you are trying to lose weight one of the biggest obstacles is deciding where the start first. This is the problem that most of us have. You would think it would be really simple getting started to lose weight but honestly it’s not.  In this article I'm going to review the 3 things that are absolutely necessary if you're going to be successful in losing weight.

There are so many different articles, programs, and websites all telling you that their program is the best for losing weight. Some people just don’t care about their health or how they look. They go through life just thinking that the only thing that matters is what’s inside and to be quite honest with you and in my personal opinion the only thing that really does matter is what’s inside. 

But if you are sick and not healthy you are not going to live a long life and  probably will not be able to participate in lots of social activities and even physical recreational activities. 

One of the biggest things that you have to realize is that you have to be happy with yourself and love yourself. And if you don’t love yourself no one else is going to. 

So with saying this you have to be aware that some people might be perfectly in shape lean and muscular and even though they look physically perfect they might have some type of personal conflict within themselves that causes them not to be happy with their true self and forces them to work hard at having the perfect body. 

And then I know lots of people who could be as much as 70 pounds overweight and they are happy and they love the person that they are. So that old cliché that you can never judge a book by its cover is totally true. 

So before you start any type of physical fitness, health and wellness taper program you really should be okay with the person that you are and then work on developing your physical body. For some of us we might be a little bit insecure and having that perfect body allows us to interact with the rest of society. 

So with all this being said there were few things that most people experience when they are trying to lose weight.  Three of the most common problems that I see that prevent people from losing weight is lack of motivation, lack of a reason to lose weight and lack of determination. 

No matter what we do in life almost everything requires us to have the proper motivation. It’s the fuel that lights the flame and gives us everything that we need to accomplish our task. So losing weight is just like everything else in life if you want to lose weight you have to have the proper motivation. 

Now the question is what is your motivation for losing weight? Is it because you were sick, tired and not healthy? Is it because you are not able to participate in sporting events? Is it because your physical appearance is somehow preventing you  from establishing relationships and making friends? 

Lots of people just do it every time January rolls around just because it’s the thing the do the make your start of a new year losing weight. So whatever your motivation is use that as the stimulus to start you on your journey to lose weight and also use it to push through when you might hit plateaus.  

Now what is your reason for wanting to lose weight? For the majority of us everything that we do has a reason. So in order for it to be important to us we have to have a reason why we want to lose weight. We have to see the significance and the benefit of us losing weight. 

If you’re like me I needed to lose weight in order to improve my health. Some people want to lose weight because they need to pass a physical examination for their employment. While other people might want to get in shape to attract a member of the opposite sex. So these are lots of reasons why people want to lose weight but the most important thing is that you’re losing weight is because you are doing it for yourself.

You have to take care of yourself. And I also have to mention that if you are not healthy you are no help to your family and friends. In fact you might actually be a burden on them. 

So for me I decided that I needed to get myself healthy. But for me my reason was truly because I wanted to be healthy and live a long life to be with my wife and children. When I look at myself I see a husband and the father and these roles require specific things of me in in order to continue being the person that I see myself as I needed to lose weight and get healthy in order to take care of my family. 

Now the sooner you get started in taking care of yourself and being healthy the better off you are. Because as we grow older and get some more more difficult to stay healthy and stay slender. It’s just natural but as we grow older we become more susceptible to different diseases and illnesses. 

This is true especially if you have diseases like diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and thyroid issues that run in your family. Just because you someone in your family might have these diseases it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to suffer from them but if you don’t take care of yourself most of the time you will suffer the same syndromes. 

Just look at your family. My grandmother had diabetes which cause her to have several strokes and now she doesn’t know who any of us are. So I certainly don’t want that to happen to me so I started following a good diet to lose weight and be healthy. And I don’t want to be that burden on my family. 

Now the next thing that’s totally important if we are trying to lose weight is to have determination. If you are going to be successful not only in your weight loss but everything in life you have to have determination.  So along with having a reason to lose weight, along with having the proper motivation to lose weight you have to have the determination to lose weight. 

And this means doing everything that is necessary of you to reach your goals. If you look at people who have lost lots of weight and kept it off they were committed no matter what they found the program that worked for them and they stuck to it. 

Now if they going on vacation they might not follow the program 100% but they did the best that they could. And then when they got back from vacation they got right back into the program and stuck to it. 

And there are some days when I feel like throwing caution into the wind and eating something that’s not good for me. Do I feel a little guilty? Yes I do! But I try to shrug it off and just get back with the program the next day. 

And about once or twice a week I try to have a little cheat but I make sure that it’s just a small cheat and just one little snack and that it doesn’t turn into an entire day of binging and cheating. 

So if you are ready to lose weight just make sure you have the proper motivation, reason and determination and that you also have a plan that’s been thoroughly reviewed with you and you are okay with it and able to follow in each and every day. 

Lots of weight loss plans look good on the television and on paper but when you try to do them they are really really difficult to do in it turns into a disaster. Just make sure that when you are doing a program that it’s a program that’s based in the reality of our world. I don’t know about you but my world never goes as perfectly as I planned that there is always some little fire that has to be put on each and every day. 

This means that even though I may plan to go out and have a nice breakfast or lunch someplace that I usually wind up canceling it. So just make sure that you have options that fit into your life both socially and work wise. If you like this article please share it with your friends. And come back at least once a week because I will always be adding to my blog.