Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia Reviews

Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia Reviews

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Weight Loss Diet That Philadelphia Weight Loss Doctors, Personal Trainers and Wellness Specialist Follow

If you live in or near Philadelphia you have access to the best weight loss, wellness and diet programs in the country. And in interviewing some of the top medical weight loss doctors, nutritionist and personal trainers in Philadelphia one thing was clear.

There is one word that when you talk about It’s like a nuclear bomb going off amongst medical doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers, alternative medicine and holistic medicine practitioners and other health and wellness practitioners in our Philadelphia region. And that word is sugar.

Not just sugar but also products like Splenda, equal, etc.... Just take a look at what everyone is eating in our country. Everyone is eating foods that are man-made, processed, foods that are not natural in the world they are the result of what chemists have developed in the labs of their various food companies.

And it's no coincidence that because most people are eating a diet loaded with unhealthy sugar that our country and our people are getting more sick as time goes on.

If you look at the records from the various government agencies you will see that this great country consumes over 150 pounds of sugar type products each and every year.

If you do the math that's about close to 40 teaspoons of sugar for every person in this country each and every day of the year.

Now when you compare that to the past most people only consumed about 5 pounds of sugar in a year and that would come out to being less than 1 1/2 teaspoons per day. And to make it even worse if you look at way back in time when people were eating some type of sugar, they were eating natural foods that converted into sugar. Foods like good healthy fruits and vegetables. They were not eating processed foods and genetically modified foods like we are eating today.

When we are eating the whole purpose of the digestive system is to metabolize the food that we are eating in turn it into sugar. The reason for this is because sugar is one of the  main sources of nourishment and energy for our body. Our bodies use 2 sources for fuel and they are sugar and fat. From the good nutritious foods that we are eating like fruits and vegetables when your body turns things into glucose the brain and our muscles use that for energy. When we eat something that is sweet or something that is artificially sweet tasting our bodies react in a certain way and this will cause two very important  organs the pancreas and the liver to get ready for sugar entering the system and they of course release hormones allowing the body to function properly.

The issue is that in today's society we like everything to taste sweet. Whether it's breakfast lunch or dinner we always want something that is sweet tasting in our mouth. 

And whether it's a piece of candy, cheesecake, real sugar or an artificial sweetener our body cannot tell the difference and this causes it to release tons of insulin into our system. So our body is getting lots of empty calories that provide no nourishment and this is making us fat and sick. 

These types of processed foods cannot give the body the nourishment that it needs to heal, regenerate and promote a healthy body and lifestyle. Eating too much sugar can lead to all types of diseases like bad teeth, migraine headaches, insomnia, and even stomach problems.

And you think you might be doing your body good if you were eating sugar substitutes like Splenda, etc…  but sadly these also spike your insulin and eventually cause certain illnesses in your body.

So even though you think these products are totally fine for you they really are not. So when you are eating these pink and yellow packages of sweetness your body is expecting sugar and this will start an insulin spike and your body does eventually spike it’s insulin and because there is nothing in there giving it fuel this will actually increase your hunger and your appetite.

This is the way the body is designed when you taste something sweet your body expects fuel.

And because those pastel colored little  goodies have concentrated sweetness, tastings these products will dramatically increases our hunger and our cravings.

So in fact these sugar substitutes are just making us fatter instead of making us skinnier. T

he results of the study are actually going to scare you because it's totally unbelievable. A University Science Center actually determined that for each can of diet soda that you consumed daily this increases your risk of being overweight and obese by 40%.
Whether you realize it or not everything that we are eating in today's world is a serious issue. What has been told to us as being a good healthy diet is actually just making us fat and sick.

If you want to fix this start by making  small little changes in your life.

What I did was I stopped using those little pastel colored sweeteners and I just had my coffee with heavy cream and that's it. And when I needed something sweet I would just grab a handful of grapes or berries or some natural type of food like that.

For my snacks I eat lots of vegetables. I usually stop every morning at the supermarket and I buy one of those bags of baby carrots and I eat them all throughout the day.

As I stopped eating the artificial type of sweeteners and sugars I was actually able to really enjoy the sweetness, the natural  sweetness of the carrots.
Forget about everything that you've been told about eating healthy and try to keep your diet to lots of healthy green vegetables,  cruciferous vegetables, good healthy proteins and try to eat as little starchy grains as possible. Starchy grains also convert to sugar and this is also making us fat and sick.

As you eliminate the artificial sweeteners from your life you will finally begin to realize how delicious fruits and vegetables really are. All of these foods give us the vitamins minerals and nutrients that our body needs for proper health and wellness both physically and mentally.

So if you want to lose weight and get healthy cut out the artificial sweeteners and eat lots of veggies and go for a walk at the end of the day and enjoy life.