Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia Reviews

Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia Reviews

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Exercises to Lose Weight and Burn Fat Fast

If you are looking to lose weight and burn fat immediately add some type of high intensity cardio intervals to your training programs. High intensity cardio interval training is adding short fast pace sprints or burst of high-intensity activities like running in place or even sprinting during your slower and much lower intensity cardiovascular type of exercise program. 

This is really effective  if you are trying to lose weight and still maintain your muscle.

It really all depends on where you add in your trying to lose weight in your exercise program. If you are just beginning your program that I always suggest you stay with low intensity type of cardiovascular activity over a longer duration of time say approximately 60 minutes. 

But if you have been exercising for a while and you are ready to buy separate program and kick up your weight loss a bit more then adding these high-intensity burst into your training regimen will keep you continuing to lose weight and keep you interested in your exercise program. And of course staying interested in your exercise program is always a good thing across it keeps you exercising every day over the course of time.

When you start adding these high-intensity intervals to your training routine you actually push your muscles to work more you can incorporate sprints like I said previously or you can incorporate a more explosive type of movement like jump squats which is more of a plyometric type of exercise and this helps increase your muscle density and it always helps pump more oxygen into your body.

This type of high intensity interval training actually helps your body’s burn more calories and fat and of course sugar. This helps speed up your weight loss and fat burning and it’s actually a good thing because it will help your body store less calories throughout the day. Now some people suggest that you do high intensity interval training each and every day along with your regular weight loss routine but I do not agree with this. 

Your body does need to recuperate from the high intensity interval training so I suggest to our weight loss clients that they do the high-intensity burst training only 2 or 3 days a week at the most. When you combine this with low intensity longer duration type of exercise for weight loss and doing some type of resistance training tour 3 days a week you have a perfect program for losing weight and burning fat. 

But again this all depends on where you add in your weight loss journey. This type of program is usually recommended for someone that has been exercising and following a weight-loss program and diet that is been designed specifically for them for at least 6 months.

Now like I said before adding resistance set of exercise to your program will really help with your overall conditioning and improving your overall fitness level. Now some people stick with the good old-fashioned exercises by exercising with free weights and doing the bench press and all that good stuff but in my over 25 years of training myself exercising and training others I have realized that you really do not need to work out with free weights. In fact I suggest that most of my clients exercise on machines. 

The reason why I like machines for resistance training is because if you stay in the machine and exercise on it the way it was designed to be used your chances of injuring yourself are very small as compared to the injuries that people sustained when they are exercising with free weights.

But you have to keep in mind that when you are doing resistance training you are going to increase your muscle density, this will increase your muscle size and this will increase your body weight when you step on a scale. However the increase in weight should hopefully be just muscle and not fat. And this type of training usually changes your overall physique so your body weight might not actually change but your physique proportions definitely will. 

And again I have to reiterate to not start weightlifting until your trainer or weight loss doctor has given you the okay to start lifting weights. With my weight loss clients I like to have them lose every ounce of fat just doing low intensity cardiovascular exercise. 

The reason for this is because they have the least chance of injuring themselves. And if people don’t hurt themselves they have a tendency to do it more often and the  the whole point of all of this exercise and eating right is to not only look good but feel good and improve your overall quality of life and hopefully increase your lifespan.
When you increase the musculature in your body even to your body weight may possibly increase muscles do burn more calories so it’s kind of a trade-off. The muscles require more fuel in order to work effectively and there were 2 types of fuel that your body uses your body will use sugar as fuel which is normally the sugar that you eat each and every day in the various fruit products that you consume and your body burns fat for fuel. Now the fat to be around body fat and you could also be the good healthy fats that you eat like olive oil and coconut oil.

I just wanted to know that if you to perform some type of resistance training you will not look like Hulk Hogan. Most of the people that are developing your muscles like football players and bodybuilders are working out with extremely heavy weights and they are taking lots of nutritional supplements and and a large majority of them are also taking anabolic steroids even though they’re not good for you. 
So do not even consider  taking some type of anabolic steroid. If you are thinking of taking a weight loss pill like phentermine or Adipex that is perfectly fine, just make sure that you are working with a medical weight loss doctor.

I even have a few of my clients are doing some type of 1st training with their resistance training. There was an exercise gym that was specifically for women I forget with the nameless but it closed down 3 years ago but basically they would have machine set up in a circle and a large room and you would basically go on the machine and perform their particular exercise for so many seconds and then you would hop off and run in place for a certain amount of seconds and then jump onto the next resistance training machine. 

It was pretty cool because they had everything timed by music. So when you heard a stop in the music and the beep you knew it was time to get off the machine and do your high-intensity burst cardio and then when it was another stop in the music and another beep was time to jump on a resistance training machine again.

There is also super high intensity programs that they have developed using direct about a protocol but that’s primarily for athletes are the your college athletes and even professional athletes. For example you can do a warm-up of say jogging in place for 3 minutes and then you take a 4 minute time period. Throughout the course of this 4 minute time period for 20 seconds you will do some type of high burst intensity training, you can do jump squats, jumping jacks, push-ups, sprinting in place any type of explosive high-intensity type  exercise where you are working your muscles after this 20 seconds for 10 seconds you’re just going to walk in place and let your heart rate come down a bit and you just repeat this for the entire four-minute time period.  after this you do a 4 minute cool-down where you can jog severely in place or even just walk around swing your arms giving yourself time to relax and let your heart rate returned to normal. This type of program is usually effective for people that are in some type of great physical condition and shape already.

Whatever type of exercise you are doing whether it’s the low intensity longer duration type cardiovascular exercise or the high burst interval training I really do recommend that you do it 1st thing in morning. 

Do it before you have your 1st meal do it before you have breakfast. This way you will actually burn more calories than you normally would and your body will actually store less calories as fat throughout the majority of this day. And then when you finally do consume food other sugar carbohydrates your body will hopefully burn them for fuel because you did your early-morning workout and depleted your body’s stores of sugar. 

Exercising 1st thing in the morning is fantastic for me focus my life is fairly busy and once I am out and about there is always something that I have to deal with. So getting up early early morning and doing my exercise before I take half to take care of any business is really good across one it keeps me in shape it keeps me healthy and and Ashley helps reduce my stress and enables me to deal with more junk during the course of the day.

If you are going to do what I do and work out 1st thing the morning it’s always a good idea to do something that you really like doing and something that you could just hop out of bed and do it. It’s best to do something that you don’t have to coordinate a lot of different things in order to be able to do it. For me I hop out of bed get dressed but my sneakers  on and walk around the neighborhood for 60 minutes. 

Other times when the weather is nasty outside I’ll just hop on the treadmill or stationary bike can get my 60 minutes of cardiovascular exercise. As a side note I do have to mention that one night to exercise her 1st in the morning I find that I am in a really good mood for the day. This is because it increases my endorphins in my body. And endorphins are your body’s feel-good hormone. My wife can actually tell when I have not done my exercise for the day because she tells me that I am grumpy so sure she will literally hand me my sneakers and tell me to go for a walk.

Overall the best exercises are something that you really enjoy doing and if you can mix them into some type of social activity like playing basketball at the group of friends, playing football, playing tennis or even going hiking it tends to to not feel like exercise it doesn’t feel like a chore and something that you dread doing.

So there you have it. Lots of different choices to lose weight and get healthy. Only have to do is determine what you like to do and do it. And just in case you miss a day of exercise don’t be too hard on yourself mentally it’s not really big deal just make sure that the next day we do it. 

Losing weight and being healthy is about making lifestyle changes and improving the quality of life over the course of time. It took you a while to get facts he can expect to get into bikini in 30 days. This might sound a little bit harsh but it’s the truth.