Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia Reviews

Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia Reviews

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Philadelphia Weight Loss TIps

Just like I have said in previous articles if you really want to lose weight there are several different ways to do it. Some people like to lose it very quickly and others think that it’s best to lose weight at a slower pace over the course of time. They feel that this is healthier for them but it’s all up to the individual person what is healthy for me might not necessarily be healthy for you. But no matter which way you choose to lose weight whether you want to lose weight very quickly or you want to do a gradually you can use  this same steps  to achieve your weight loss goals.

Some simple things that you can try to lose weight are as follows:

Drink Tea:

You can drink black tea, white tea, chai tea it really doesn’t matter. Some recent reports that I have read Ashley compared the effect of tea on just thinking water and they found that when you drink tea  it speeds up your metabolism. In the report I read that drinking green tea can actually cause you to burn an extra 70 cal over a 24 hour time period. If you do to mess just by drinking 1 cup of tea and burning an extra calories a day over the time span of an entire year you could actually do lose a little over 7 pounds of fat. 

That’s right you could actually you lose at least 7 pounds of fat every year of your life just by drinking 1 cup of tea each and every day. That’s a tremendous amount of weight for the  Regular person. Especially since most people always seem to need to lose 10 pounds. in the reports that I read they said that the clinicians thought that will cause your metabolism to be speeded up is the amount of antioxidants that are found in tea. 

So this sounds really easy and kind of idiot proof to me. Just drink 1 cup of tea today and lose an extra 7 pounds a year. I think I’m going to stock my pantry with tea.

Don’t drink your calories.

Believe it or not the calories you drink are not counted as the body equally to when you’re eating whole food. Because is is a liquid the sugar in the beverages go straight into you blood stream and that causes a spike in insulin and this causes all the calories from the beverage and the food you eat to be stored as body fat. 

You do need to be careful and do not drink too much juice, soda and alcohol because they contain a tremendous amount of sugar as well as a tremendous amount of fats. Believe it or not if you go for a fancy coffee with whip cream and spices in a bunch of different things in here like caramel syrup and chocolate syrup you can be training and beverage that contains over 1000 cal plus a whole bunch of sugar. 

Just these 2 things alone add up to you getting fat really quickly. So in a perfect world I would really  recommend that you drink water most of the time and on occasion you can have a diet soda and of course she could drink tea with some sweetener like Stevia in their.

If you want to burn more calories throughout the course of the day you should start some type of resistance training.

Your body’s muscles you’re being dense muscle will burn more calories throughout the course of the day than your flabby fat. So if you are a person that has a nice amount of lean muscle you will actually be burning fat whiner sitting down and watching TV. 

Compare this to a person who is just fat and flabby all over there probably just sitting down watching TV not burning any calories at all because they have no muscle antibody. On top of that the problem was stuffing your face with potato chips. The type of resistance training that you do really doesn’t matter. 

Some people like to lift weights, some people like to do bodyweight exercises like pull-ups jumping jacks Burpee’s etc. All you have to do is get up and move pick something up but something down that’s it. And you do not have to go to a gym in order to do this you can do it at home. You don’t even have to have a set of dumbbells and barbells to work out you can use their rubber tubing resistance bands that you can get at the 5 and below store.

I usually suggest to my weight loss clients that they do some type of resistance training twice a week. That is if you are a regular type of person just looking to stay fit and trim and be healthy. 

Of course if you are an athlete or you have specific goals this recommendation will probably increase. But again if you are just like me and just a regular person looking to stay fit and trim and healthy versus his training just twice a week should be fine for you.

Eliminate the extra sodium from your food every day.

The big problem with sodium is that it causes you to retain water and this can make you feel terrible. You will probably feel bloated and your face and extremities might even bled a little bit. 

If you’ve read the literature that is published a suggested value for the intake of sodium is 2400 mg of sodium daily. In the scheme of things this is really not a large amount of sodium in you have to be careful because lots of times sodium is in everyday foods that you eat especially in the canned foods, in our soups – I especially like soups in the wintertime. There also sodium in your crackers and potato chips and let’s not forget one of my personal favorites pretzels. There is even sodium in the  hot dogs that I love so much. So please read the labels when you are buying your food at the supermarket.

Spice up your diet.

Eating spicy food can actually boost up your metabolism at some red pepper flakes or other peppers like jalapeno peppers or something like that. But for me I cannot do this because I do not like hot spicy food in a apart my stomach. So if you’re like me be careful with the hot spicy food if you have to avoid it, like I do, just stay away from it and don’t worry about it. 

They did find it a substance called capsaicin  that is found in foods like jalapeno peppers and cayenne peppers and this compound actually causes your body to produce more adrenaline and this can actually speed up your metabolism can cause you to burn extra fat and calories. When I am out with the guys and enjoying some hot chicken wings it’s amazing how much I perspire I actually have to tell down the top of my head because I perspire so much. 

If you enjoy salsa this is a neat little trick because you can make it a little bit more spicy and put it with your dinner if you’re having a nice piece of chicken or nice steak salsa goes extremely well with it.

Walk every day.

I try to walk 60 minutes every day whether I do it 1st thing in the morning on an empty stomach or I do it late at night after a long day at the office.  Walking is a good for your body in so many different ways. It’s a good for your heart it will improve your cardiac health in the Burns lots of calories to help with your weight loss and fitness.  Walking helps speed up your over all metabolism and will help you burn extra fat.

Exercise before you have dinner.

Try doing 20 or 30 minutes of some high intensity interval training before dinner to increase your fat burning metabolism. Believe it or not if you do this it will keep your body burning fat for up to 2 hours after your done exercising. So this is a good way to help yourself lose weight if you know you’re not going to be eating such fantastic weightless food at dinnertime.

Try to eat at least 3 times a day.

Some people think that they lose more weight by eating only one meal a day or if they do not eat at all during the course of the day. However, this is totally not true. If you do not feed your body your body thinks you’re starving and then when you finally eat everything that you will eat will be stored as food no matter what type of food it is. But I have to admit that most mornings all I have is a cup of black coffee with some Stevia for breakfast but I do make sure I have a nice healthy lunch with lots of good healthy proteins, leafy green veggies and some good healthy fat by using olive oil as the main ingredient of my salad dressing. Then I might have a few almonds as a snack between lunch and dinner. And at dinner time I make sure to have the good 6 ounces of lien could quality protein and then again I have lots of vegetables and some good healthy fat.

The whole purpose of eating little meals during the course of the day is designed to keep your insulin levels balanced. You do really have to pay attention to your insulin levels because when they are spiked everything that you eat is going to be stored as fat.

These healthy weight loss tips are simple and easy to follow but they really do work. Give them a try and let me know how you do.