Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia Reviews

Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia Reviews

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Weight Loss No Excuses Just Results by Weight Loss Philadelphia

This weight loss article is going to be straight and to the point I am NOT going to pull any punches quite frankly I'm going to hit you right between the eyes. 

The reason that I'm doing this is that for too many years I have been too easy with people who have wanted to lose weight. I have accepted their excuses. They tell me that they have too much stress, that they work too much that they can't follow the weight loss food plan I have given them. 

That they have uncontrollable urges and cravings. But I work with them and I find solutions to their problems. Yes I am a fixer, I fix problems. I fix your body so you will finally be able to lose weight.

So when someone comes to me and I give them a system that is designed custom for them, tailored to their hours of work, social activities, physical abilities and I review everything so that I can make a weight loss plan that they can fit seamlessly in their lives. To make it possible for them to lose weight successfully. 

Quite literally I take away every excuse that they have. This is how specifically designed the weight loss program is. 

But when a person comes back to me 6 weeks later and says oh I was stressed, I had my period, I had my brothers sisters wife's sister in law's wedding to go to... I have heard every excuse in creation. 

Believe me I know all of these crappy excuses for not following the weight loss program. I give them a perfect program and they ignore it. Well I hate to say it but for most people there's always a specific reason why or even several reasons why they are not losing weight. 

My job is to find out what those reasons are and to give you a plan so that you will be successful losing weight. The problem is that many people do not want to put any effort into their weight loss process. They just want to drink a magic potion and suddenly lose 100 pounds and go from a size 18 down to a size 4. I do not know what type of world most people are living in this is not the kingdom of Oz and I am Not The Wizard of Oz. 

I just can't mix up some magical green elixir and make you lose 100 pounds in a blink of an eye. Sadly you have to put forth some effort into your losing weight. You have to feed your body the type of food that it was designed to eat from the day you were born. Yes that's right your DNA determines almost everything about you. 

Not only does your DNA determine what color your eyes are and the color of your hair but it also determines what foods that you will be able to eat. Some people can eat almost anything and be super skinny and then other people have reactions to a multitude of food that makes them fat and causes them to be bloated, feel miserable and die an early death. 

So we have plans, we have testing that can be done to determine what foods that you are able to eat and what foods that are causing you to be fat so you should not eat them. So with our program all you have to do is follow the plan we give you. We will give you a list of foods that your okay with eating and a list of foods that you should not be eating. We make it that simple. 

We give you a blueprint we guide you step by step on what you need to do to lose weight. 

The horrible fact is that as we get older we just can’t eat all of the starchy carbs and foods loaded with sugar. The problem is that when we are in our teens and early twenties we can eat almost anything that we desire and still maintain a slim and slender figure and that is because we are young and our body is producing lots of good healthy hormones are body's chemical system or hormones are in balance they are in a state of homeostasis. But as we get older our hormonal balance goes out of whack. 

Things get out of sync and are hormone levels decrease and range up and down and all over the place. Hormones are the reason why men lose weight much more quickly than females do it's because men have testosterone. Now females do have a little bit of testosterone in their system but not in the large quantities like men do. So the testosterone enables us to build muscle and to stay more lean. 

The good thing about being more muscular is that muscle burns more calories.. And when we are in our early twenties and our hormones system is at its peak efficiency we can eat almost anything that we want. Biologically according to our DNA  the majority of us can not and should not be eating grains, wheat, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes. 

Our bodies are just not designed to eat all of these foods. Especially since the wheat that is being produced at this present time is loaded with pesticides and the wheat has been genetically modified to withstand floods, storms and even infestation with a multitude of insects. So this is what we are eating. The use this wheat to make our breads,  pastas and to make all those nice starchy carbohydrate foods that we love eating each and every day. 

So I want to ask you a question if this wheat cannot be destroyed by the flood, cannot be destroyed by a storm do you think our digestive system is going to be digesting this properly and break it down? The answer is no! 

Our digestive system is not going to be able to metabolize and digest this wheat. 

Also let's think about all the pesticides that these wheats have been treated with we are eating there is pesticides and even though they can kill the insects that are out there nowadays because they have a great biological systems that adapts to various types of threats we are not evolving quickly like that and our body is being exposed to a tremendous amount of toxic pesticides. 

They have actually done evaluations on human beings and discovered that a large part of the human population are now producing these insecticides inside their own bodies. 

Yes it's hard to believe but it's totally true and I can show you the research papers that have seen this and discovered this. Do you find this kind of shocking is this hitting you between the eyes like I said it would? 

I hope it does I hope this has some type of effect upon you to make you finally realize that what you put in your mouth does matter.