Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia Reviews

Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia Reviews

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Philadelphia Medical Weight Loss Plan That Worked For Me

OK, it’s early Saturday morning and I have decided to begin writing a blog on my weight loss journey. You see I started out last year weighing 273 pounds and now I am now 197 pounds. I was overweight middle-aged and my mindset was not in the best of places. 

Somehow I transformed from a 20 year old with a perfect physique, fast metabolism into a 54 year old who pardon the cliche could not see my toes. I could not walk up steps without being out of breath. 

And I was depressed and miserable unless I was eating something, especially things like cake, hoagies and cheese-steaks. I told myself that I was in my mid fifties and I was supposed to be fat and I was supposed to be out of shape and I was supposed to be feeling horrible all the time.

So you may ask, did I try to lose the weight? Yes I did. I tried all of the things I used to do when I was a much younger man but nothing worked. I tried doing the same type of exercises I did in the past but it only hurt my back or my shoulder and all the exercise just made me hungrier and so I was also eating more food. 
So exercising was not the answer for me to lose weight.

I tried counting calories but I was starving most of the time and if you have ever tried to diet and you're starving you know it's not fun and you're probably angry and irritable the entire time just like I was. 

Doing expensive cleanses and fasts are kind of a big thing nowadays and that didn't work for me. I was still hungry all of the time and all it did was give me diarrhea for most of the day. 

Next I tried juicing. Everyone I spoke to said the key to good health and weight loss was juicing but this didn’t work either; all it did was spiked my blood sugar levels and I was still hungry. And let's not forget I was miserable because it was not enough food to make me happy. 

Too make it worse my medical doctor my family doctor was not really that much help at all. He would yell at me telling me that I needed to lose weight and that if I didn't lose weight I would probably be dead within 5 to 10 years. But all he did was give me a booklet and say here follow this program; but it really wasn't much help. 

Until finally on one of my visits with him when he was yelling at me because I was fat I kinda got ticked off and I said you know you are no help, why don't you tell me what to do why don't you give me a plan. I did not mean to snap at him but I don't really like being yelled at, especially by another man. But the good thing is he gave me a name of a medical weight loss doctor He told me to give the weight loss specialist a call have a medical weight loss consultation with them and go from there. 

So I did my research online and it seems that there are all different types of medical weight loss. There are medical weight loss programs that use medications like weight loss pills, diet pills and appetite suppressant medications. 

Some of these pills are phentermine, belviq and tenuate. And from the research that I did online it seem that the weight loss of medications did a good job of eliminating your appetite. 

From the reviews online lots of people had good success with losing weight while taking these diet pills. And as I looked further into it I discovered that there were many different types of weight loss surgeries also known as bariatric surgeries. It looked to me like the weight loss surgeries were evolving and becoming better over the past several years. 

But the one thing that I saw online was that lots of people who had the weight loss surgeries seemed to gain the weight back over the course of several years. I found it really helpful to be able to do my research online because there are lots of people who are blogging online sharing their weight loss experiences. 

There are some people who did have the weight loss surgery and on their blog I read that they did gain their way back and they eventually got disgusted and when the route of taking the weight loss diet pills and appetite suppressant medications. Most of them seemed to be really happy with their results. They finally started losing weight again and maintained their weight loss. 

From the research that I did it looked to me that phentermine is one of the oldest diet medications that the doctors will prescribe for you. And there is lots of clinical research meaning that there have been lots of people that have been given this diet medication by their doctors and weight loss diet doctors. And from what I read the phentermine seemed to be the best way to go. The side effects were minimal. 

I read that the most common side effects were dry mouth and some people had constipation. But if they took extra fiber it helped them with their constipation. One guy wrote on his blog that he didn't mind the dry mouth because he really needed to drink more water. And when he drank enough water and he was properly hydrated it got rid of the constipation.

And I thought it was funny that lots of the new diet medications that are coming out all seem to have the original diet pill phentermine mixed together with them. So I went back to my computer and I did my research online and I found a medical weight loss doctor with lots of experience. They had lots of 5 star reviews when I look them up in Google. 

I called them a made an appointment for a consultation. The doctors were really nice and very knowledgeable and their staff was really nice. So last January 2015 I started this whole process and started with the weight loss doctors and now January 2016 I am happy to say that I I'm down to 197 pounds. 

And for me this is a perfect weight. I'm not too skinny and I'm not fat. 

And I am able to walk up steps without being out of breath. 

Well of course you're going to want to know what I did for exercise to lose all this weight and honestly I didn't do any exercise at all. Maybe once or twice a week I would try to go for a walk but between my work schedule and my family life I don't have time to do exercise. 

I did try to do that 10,000 steps a day routine but some days I am nowhere close to 10,000 steps and other days I might be close to it. But I made sure that I really focused on the diet. 

And if I was bad for one or two or even three days I just made sure that I was extra specially good for the next week. Whatever weight I did gain back I lost over the course of a week or so. 

If you need to lose weight don't make the same mistakes that I did. I bought all these goofy exercise programs that I saw on television and I tried all the different weight loss plans and programs that are advertised so much you on the television. 

I hate to admit it but there is nothing fancy out there for you to lose weight. It all comes down to controlling what you are eating. What all is about weight loss is all about putting the right things into your body, eating the right foods and treats that are going to be good for you, make you healthy and make you skinny. 

Well in my case let's not say skinny because I was never really skinny guy but now I actually look like I work out. 

If you really need to lose weight do what I did and go see a Medical Weight Loss Diet Doctor. 

In the long run it will save you lots of time and money. I wish I had back all of the money I wasted on blenders, juicers and TV exercise plans.