Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia Reviews

Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia Reviews

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Diet Pills in Philadelphia Help Eliminate Appetite & Cravings

For me losing weight is not easy. No matter what anyone tells you, if you like food, if you enjoy food, if you really enjoy eating large quantities of food and gobbling down huge portion sizes like I do trying to lose weight really stinks. I have a very large appetite and if I did not take the diet pills I would not be able to lose weight. 

The weight loss diet pills appetite suppressant medications totally get rid of my appetite. The weight loss pills curb my hunger my appetite and my cravings.

I am NOT hungry at all when I take the diet pills. The diet pill that works the best for me is phentermine. I have tried all of the other diet drugs but as far as my personal choices to phentermine is what totally eliminates my appetite cravings and hunger. 

When I take the weight loss pills I am NOT hungry and I am able to eat the right amount of food for me that will keep me going keep me functioning properly and I don't get tired or anything like that. & I always lose weight when I take the appetite suppressant medications. 

But when I stopped taking them end life gets in my way. All the stresses of daily life between work family friends you name it h and every stress that we all go through each and every day of our lives it totally makes me crazy and I look forward to putting some yummy food in my mouth. There's nothing I love more than cheese steaks but everybody I know is making me nothing but fatter and fatter.

I had a big discussion with my medical weight loss doctor and I told him when I am stressed out all I want to do is feed my face. The only thing that calms me down and makes me happy is food. 

My weight loss doctor understood and he told me that it's okay if I do need to take the weight loss appetite suppressant medications during times of high stress. 

He said that one of the worst things that I can do for my health was being overweight and becoming what they classify as an obese person. He claims that obesity can lead to heart attack, stroke and all types of serious health issues that could wind up killing me eventually. 

So he said that it was okay for me to take the weight loss medications and drugs when I'm having difficulty controlling my hunger and my appetite. He told me that some people because of their chemistry in their body will need to be on the medication permanently. 

He said it's just a chemical thing in the human body some people just need to take their weight loss medications in order to keep their appetite under control. He said that the medical profession is finally taking obesity seriously and they are listing it as a long term life type of illness or disease and they're finally prescribing drugs for people to take for weight loss long term for the rest of the life just like they would be taking for high blood pressure or for diabetes or other really serious health diseases. 

So when he told me this I felt a lot more comfortable with continuing taking the appetite suppressant medications. 

My weight loss doctor has a really good program and they taught me everything they told me portion control, they talk to me the types of foods to eat and especially what not to eat and they also showed me how to swap out a lot of the bad foods that I really enjoyed for good healthy foods that will satisfy my hunger and satisfy all my nutritional needs. 

But even armed with all of this great information and education I just can't help myself that when I am under a large amount of stress I just want to eat. And my diet doctor told me that I am NOT the only one that this happens to. 

You said a lot of his patients are stress eaters and that in today's society we are under stress each and every day of the week. It seems that we are under stress almost 24 hours a day every 7 days of the week. 

And he told me that it is much more commonplace now for people to be on medical weight loss medications for long term as compared to 30 years ago when people would just kind of take medications for 3 or 4 months and then stopped taking them and then after about 6 months or so they would go back on the medications. 

So after hearing him and tell me that people long ago with stop taking the medication and then eventually start taking them again it didn't really bother me that much. It sounded to me that nothing has really changed over the course of several decades. It's just that now the medical profession has realized that some people do need to be on the medication permanently for the rest of their lives.

Even though the doctor has told me all of this it's still kind of frustrating because I really like food. 

And I like tasty food and for some reason the tasty food always seems to be the food that makes us the fattest. 

Lucky for me my diet doctor has given me lots of good recipes and meal plans. The weight loss recipes are actually quite good some of them are really simple and easy to make and others are a little bit more involved if I have the time and feel like spending time in the kitchen. 

But I am happy to say that most of these recipes can be made in just a few minutes sure they're fast quick easy simple and delicious and this all works perfectly fine for me. 

My bariatric doctor also has recipes for lots of great tasting desserts that will not put a fat on me. 

Most of them are low carb and low sugar so that means I can eat them and enjoy myself and not go crazy feeling guilty that I'm going to make myself fat the doctor said that these recipes or even good for people that are diabetic because they are other low carb low sugar or they have literally no sugar in them so they won't spike anyone's insulin so they are great weight loss diabetic recipes. 

He has recipes all over the place he gave me a diet recipe booklet, he has recipes on his website, weight loss recipes on his YouTube channel and he even has weight loss recipes on Pinterest so the doctor was really into social media and everything with today's technology and internet stuff.

It seems that I can skip breakfast most of the time and be okay with this but I definitely have to eat a lunch and most of all I like eggs and bacon for lunch this seems to satisfy my appetite really well and it's good for me but sometimes I just need to have my belly feel like it totally stuffed so when I am in this type of mood I'll going to have a very large salad with lots of vegetables and a little bit of blue cheese dressing on the side. 

And make sure that I eat lots of good healthy grains like spinach, cal, arugula and every other possible leafy green vegetables that you could possibly think of. I have to tell you I think that my salad weighs about 2 or 3 pounds the cost is so large but all I can say is that after eating this tremendous salad that my appetite is totally gone and I am skinny or the next day. And my diet doctor told me that eating lots of vegetables would make me more healthy and make me skinnier so I guess I am following the doctor's orders.

In fact I have personally discovered that eating lots of vegetables is one of the primary ways for me to keep my appetite satisfied, my belly filled in for me to get skinny. So I would highly recommend that you eat lots of green vegetables every day. I would actually recommend that you eat every type of vegetable everyday.

But I do have to be honest with you trying to eat the right way can be difficult especially since most of us are busy with either work or family each and every day. And of course for us to be healthy and lose weight or maintain our weight loss we do have to eat the proper way. 

If we don’t we will just continue to gain weight, get fat and get diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack and even stroke. So this is a big motivator for you to lose weight and stay healthy.

And for me giving this is especially easy when I’m taking the phentermine diet pills. I know I have been talking about the weight loss pills quite a bit in this article but I just cannot stress enough how easy they make losing weight for me and allow me to make the right food choices because I’m not constantly hungry when I am taking the weight loss pills

I have to say that I am  all in for eating healthy if it’s going to make me skinny but lots of times it takes too much effort to do all of this. It requires time to go food shopping and most of the time I am either working or taking care of family things. And on top of food shopping most food requires lots of preparation and cooking time. This is why I love my Philadelphia weight loss doctors program they give me lots of healthy  recipes that are quick and easy to make and they taste really good.
I hate to say it but most people are fat because they don’t have the time to prepare the right types of food and they are usually eating foods that come out of a box and  loaded with sodium, sugar, carbohydrates and lots of chemicals that I cannot even pronounce the names of them.
Here are a few ways that I have been able to maintain a diet that is conducive to me losing weight and keeping it off.
First I always give my body some type of fuel first thing in the morning. Most people think breakfast should usually be oatmeal and toast and orange juice. But for me this type of breakfast only makes me hungrier and makes me fatter. 
So for me more often than not breakfast is just a couple coffee and I put a tablespoon of grass fed butter and a tablespoon of coconut oil in there. This usually takes care of my appetite and gives me energy until  lunch time rolls around. 

If I am really hungry first thing in morning I will probably make a breakfast of organic eggs and some leafy green vegetables like salt teach spinach or something like that. I definitely stay away from microwavable oatmeal and cereals that come in a box and are loaded with sugar. 
Some people like having fruit first thing in the morning but this is in for me. I find that when I eat fruit first thing in the morning I wind up weighing more at the end of the day. And you definitely want to stay away from cakes and pastries donuts etc. first thing in the morning.
Next I try my best to plan out what I’m going to be eating throughout the course of the day. Sometimes this works but it doesn’t always. Because every day seems to be filled with different surprises in emergencies and little fires that have to be put out. So for me it’s always a good idea for me to have a small bag of carrots. 

Carrots are nice because there are good healthy vegetable, they are little bit sweet tasting and I can get a small bag in a supermarket on my way into work every morning. As far as planning my dinners at home I always make sure to have some good type of protein. I especially like cold water fish and beef that is marbled very nicely.
Next I try to drink lots of water every day. It took me a while to realize that most of the time I am thirsty instead of hungry. So instead of buying a quick slice of  pizza and shoveling it down get a 20 ounce bottle of water and drink that and let’s see if that eliminates your appetite.  And when I say Warder I mean good old H2O not soda or coffee.
I do eat out quite often but when I do I make sure I go to restaurants that  can accommodate my nutritional needs. I make sure that they have a good variety of salads and that most of their meals and dishes are made from scratch. 
Lots of restaurants nowadays have calorie charts for each and everything on their menu but for me I like to stick to the fresh salads with lots of vegetables and some type of grilled fish or beef. For my side dishes I may only go for vegetables. Just be careful that your side dishes are not  cooked with sugar type glazes. And for dessert make sure that they have good fresh different varieties of fruit.
Now for me alcohol is a NO 98% of the time. Not only does alcohol convert into sugar and cause most of the food that you’re eating why you were drinking alcohol to be stored as body fat but it also slows down the fat burning processes of your body for about 72 hours. 
So for me I rather give up having a glass of wine and keep my body primed as a fat burning machine. Now on occasion because I am over 21 years old I might treat myself to a little glass of wine or something like that but this might only be once a month or even once every 2 months. But that’s your decision.
In my next article I’m going to share with you a few weightless recipes of some of the best meals that I have had on my journey to losing weight.