Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia Reviews

Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia Reviews

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Most Effective Weight Loss Exercises at Home

All of us even the people that the craziest schedules need to do some sleep with exercise program during the week. Now I know you're going to ask me the question if I am constantly on-the-go 24/7 how can we possibly fit any time for exercise into my life? So I'm happy to tell you that there is no reason to go totally nuts because even just 10 minutes of exercise is better than not working out at all.  

In this article I'm going to review in great shape of exercise called high intensity interval training if you were short on time but first I do have to say that before you begin any type of exercise program you must discuss it and get the approval from your family medical doctor. So I'm going to give you a lot of information here but first you must be cleared by your family medical doctor to do this type of exercise. 

This exercise consists of doing high-intensity short bursts of exercise and is only recommended for people that again have gotten approval from their family medical doctor that they can do this type of exercise. If you are totally out of shape I highly recommend that you look for my other article in this blog that is specifically reviewing low-intensity long-duration cardiovascular type of exercise which primarily consists of walking or riding a stationary bike. 

So if you are totally out of shape go to My article reviewing the low-intensity high duration type of exercises and review this and I still recommend that you take this article to your family doctor and have them approve any type of exercise that you do even if it's the low intensity long-duration type of exercises. I am not a medical doctor and only your medical doctor can give you the approval to do these type of exercises.

The key is to make sure that you're doing some type of high-intensity exercise and that seems to be all the rage right now everyone is really into high intensity interval training. 

Many people call it HIIT / high intensity interval training and some other people call it burst training and basically it's an exercise plan where you're going to be performing exercises comma activities or movements at maximum intensity as much as you possibly can and you're going to have a little bit of time in between bursts of extreme exercise for recuperating. This type of program can can take up as much time as you want anywhere from 7 minutes to 20 minutes is what most people find to be effective for them. 

Depending on your level physical fitness and cardiovascular health it really depends on what type of exercises that you do. If you are just starting out for most people we suggest doing a beginner program where you will warm up anywhere from 1 to 2 minutes and during this part of the session I really suggest that you basically just stretch the muscles of your body. 

Make sure that you're really stretch out your hamstrings and your quadriceps. after this you want to do some type of easy cardiovascular activity either walking in place, jogging in place or you could even do a little bit of Shadow Boxing. the whole idea is to make sure that you get your muscles warmed up and the blood pumping through all of your muscles.

A nice weight loss basic program is to do your warm-up again first make sure that you're stretching for at least two minutes and spend about another 2 or 3 minutes doing a light cardiovascular activity to get your muscles warm and the blood pumping through your body after this you want to kick it up a notch and 4for20 seconds or even 30 seconds I usually have people start by doing jumping jacks and then after your 20 or 30 second bursts of jumping jacks going as intense as you can you stop doing the Jumping Jacks and you basically walk around the room until your heart rate returns back down to normal. 

This is why I usually recommend that you do this type of exercise while wearing a heart rate monitor. When your heart rate is going back to normal you want to start another burst of high-intensity cardiovascular exercise you can continue doing jumping jacks or you could do high knee lift ups which is basically running in place and lifting your knees up as high as you possibly can and again do this for approximately 20 seconds or even 30 seconds and then stop and walk around the room again until your heart rate returns back to normal. Now depending on your level of physical activity most people take anywhere from 3 minutes to 5 minutes for their heart rate to return back to normal so whatever yours is, do not get upset, you just have to do what is right for you. 

You have to follow an exercise program that is smart and not going to cause you any type of injury. And I do have to stress the importance of having common sense if you are doing any type of exercise and it does not feel right then you must stop immediately.

And that's basically the foundation of the high intensity interval training. You want to have a goal of doing as many of the burst sessions as you possibly can during your allotted time; that you have designated for the exercise. So if you have a total of 15 minutes for your entire exercise time. 

You just set your timer for 15 minutes and then follow everything just like I have explained for you.

If you are away and if you want to do something where you want to exercise but you don't have access to gym or any equipment or anything like that then HIIT is great because all you have to do is just running place or you can go to the park and sprint if you like. Basically you would do the same protocol: you would stretch and then do a little bit of a warm up and then you can basically sprint for about 30 seconds reading and then walk unto your heart rate returns to normal and repeat this until the time you have planned for exercise is up. 

Now comparing this to low intensity long-duration type of car do it has its pluses and its minuses depending on what your specific goals, If you're looking just to lose pounds and inches then I normally suggest that people start with low intensity long-duration cardiovascular exercise and I will explain this in another article on my blog here so no need to worry about that I will take care of that for you. 

But some of the benefits of high-intensity interval training are that are really speeds up your metabolism and this is what most of us are trying to do when we are losing weight and most of us were trying to do something to boost your metabolism and cause our body to burn more calories especially our body fat calories. The whole idea is to get your body using it's own body fat for fuel instead of storing everything that we as fat. 

Another advantage of the high intensity interval training is that it helps our cardiovascular heart. I have read that when most people are suffering from heart attacks and there is a tremendous amount of strain that is placed upon the heart and if your body is not used to the high intensity you will ride up seriously injured in some cases even dead. So the high intensity interval training is actually a good thing because it has your heart working at Peak capacity. 

Also the high intensity interval training is good because it increases your body's natural growth hormone and this will help your body develop more lean muscle. 

But I do have to advise you that this type of exercise again does increase muscle and if you're not following the right type of diet you will get more muscular but you may also have your regular normal liver in body fat over top of your newly created muscle. 
Now I know all types of people suggest all types of different exercise gear that vary from the type of sneakers, t-shirts, shirts etc for me believe it or not sometimes I have such a limited amount of time to exercise that I basically roll out of bed put a pair of sweatpants on with a T-shirt and just do this type of exercise in my bedroom or hotel room. 

For me I usually start with the warm up and then I'll do jumping jacks and I'm a really big fan of high knee ups going as fast as I possibly can. For me I like to do the stretching then I jog in place for a couple minutes and then I like to do 100 knee-ups followed by walking around the room until my heart rate returns to normal. Because I have been doing this for quite some time I will do 6 sessions of 100 knee-ups and again each of them followed by just walking around the room and letting my heart rate return back to normal. 

I have found that doing this helps keep me lean and actually really built up my abdominal / stomach muscles and it looks like I have a six pack and I do not do any type of sit-ups or Crunch at all. 

I have not been doing any type of abdominal exercises designed specifically for my belly. So there are no sit-ups, abdominal crunches all I do is the knee ups and I have six-pack abs. 

But I do have to stress that I follow a really clean diet. Some people like to do bodyweight exercise so if you like doing bodyweight exercise you could do your muscles stretching and say a bunch of jumping jacks for 2 minutes and then you can do push-ups, body squats, tricep dips, burpees, explosive power squats, etc... During any type of calisthenic are bodyweight exercises perfectly fine.

Here is a little routine you can do if you want to add sone resistance training to the routine.

First you always want to stretch your muscles then do your cardio you could basically jog in place for 2 minutes after that you want to do 30 seconds followed by your rest. So here we go jumping jacks for 20 or 30 seconds then your active rest followed by push ups perform as many as you can possibly do for 20 or 30 seconds followed by your active rest then do your knee-ups for 30 seconds followed by your active rest, if you have a chair in the room you can step up on a chair for 30 seconds again followed by your active rest then you can do your power squats for 30 seconds followed by your active rest. 

Which for me is usually walking around the room then you can go back to doing your push ups 4/32 followed by active rest you can then again do your high knees for 30 seconds followed by your active rest period and if you like you could perform some side planks holding them for 30 seconds each and then follow them up with your traditional planks facing the floor with both elbows on the floor. 

I hope you enjoyed this article for me it works especially when I am really limited on time and it helps keep my body weight and waist line under control. 

Again for me personally I like the low-intensity long-duration type of cardio for losing pounds and inches but if you were short on time and desperate I highly recommend that you try this type of high intensity interval training.