Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia Reviews

Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia Reviews

Thursday, March 24, 2016

What Is a Low Carb High Fat Diet Meal Plan by Philadelphia Medical Weight Loss

If you have tried the Atkins diet or another type of low-carb and high-fat weight-loss type of diet program and you have not lost weight you're probably doing something wrong. 

I cannot tell you how many people that I consult with to help them lose weight and improve their Health and they tell me that the Atkins diet just did not work for them. I asked them what they ate and they tell me "I ate exactly what the plan said I should eat" and when I questioned him and I asked him to write everything down for me it turns out that they are doing their own version of the Atkins diet so they are doing a pseudo-Atkins low-carb high-fat diet plan. 

In my own experience everyone that does a low-carb high-fat diet loses weight if they do it properly. Some people think they are doing it properly but they are somehow consuming extra carbohydrates. You do have to be very careful because lots of people think that they could eat as much fruit as they want and fruit is probably one of the worst things that you could possibly eat if you're trying to do although carbohydrate diet. 

Fruit converts to sugar when it's metabolize them broken down by the body. Sugar intern raises your insulin levels and when you're in school levels are elevated everything that your evening is going to be stored his body fat. And some people tell me that the eat nothing but protein all day but this is not good. 

If you're like me too much protein will spike your insulin levels because your body converts it into sugar. So you have to find your proper balance of the correct amount of protein for you to eat in the course of the day as well as the proper amount of vegetables. For my diet I do not eat any fruit at all. That's a choice that I have made. I much rather enjoy a couple french fries or a slice of whole wheat toast rather than eating a half a cup of berries. Now some people choose to enjoy a half a cup of fruit instead of enjoying a slice of whole wheat toast. 

But it all depends on you. Somehow my body metabolizes the whole wheat bread much better than it does a half cup of berries. The bread actually spikes my sugar and insulin levels less than the piece of fruit does. At first I thought this to be very odd but then I just accepted it as what my body does. There is no rhyme or reason it's just how my body metabolizes different types of foods. You might be the same and have the similar type of situation or you could be exactly the opposite. Everyone of us is different. We all have different DNA and our bodies have all been exposed to different types of food, chemicals and even toxins.

Another problem that I see with people doing a low-carb a hydrate and a high-fat diet properly is that they only eat a few types of food. I have people that come in to me and told me that they only eat chicken and potato chips. Now let me ask you a question do you think chicken and potato chips is a good healthy diet? 

Of course most of us would say the chicken sounds healthy but the potato chips I do not think that they are really A healthy food choice. Let's realize that potato chips are not part of the low carbohydrate diet and potato chips are definitely not healthy for you. 

Now some people might actually argue the point that they are from a potato bar come on people let's be real it's a Potato Chip it's processed it has chemicals in it tons of salt a lot of bad fats that will clog up your arteries and probably eventually lead to a heart attack or stroke. So you really have to expand your horizon when it comes to eating. You have to eat a variety each and every day of different types of food. You have to have lots of good healthy vegetables especially your cruciferous vegetables. 

Then next you need good healthy fats like olive oil, coconut oil and you need good healthy protein like your chicken and fresh. Sometimes you can have the best of both worlds together by eating proteins that is also made up of good healthy fats like your Cold-water fish. 

I actually had a fellow came in a couple weeks ago and when I suggested that he eat some type of fatty fish tonight so weak he actually gave me such a nasty look and said I do not eat fresh! And that's probably why he has to lose 200 pounds. All I can tell you is that if you were overweight and you continue eating the same foods, if you continue doing the same type of exercise, if you don't change anything your bodyweight is not going to change and your health is not going to get any better. It's impossible to continue doing the same thing over and over again each and every day and get a different result. So if you need to lose weight you have to make changes. Yes you do have to eat some leafy green vegetables. 

Yes you should be eating spinach and kale and broccoli! And you should really not be eating more than one small piece of fruit a day. And if you are going to eat fruit I rather see you eat the whole fruit or put it in a Nutrabullet or something like that where it does not totally liquefy the fruit. I had one person come in and tell me that they were really upset because they were not losing weight and they were juicing and they were juicing for an entire week. 

Well the problem is they were juicing about 2 pounds of fruit each and every day. When you juice fruit you were just getting the liquid in the form of a liquid sugar you're not getting the good healthy fiber that makes the fruit actually healthy that makes it a good thing for you to eat. You might as well hook up an IV of 10 pounds of sugar because if all you're doing is juicing fruit all day long you're doing nothing but putting sugar in your body. 

I had one fellow come in and he told me that he was working with another weight-loss specialist and that he was following everything exactly the way it should be done and he was doing low-carb high-fat but he wasn't losing weight in fact he was actually getting fatter he was actually getting heavier. So I reviewed everything with him and for breakfast every morning he was having a 24 ounce cup of coffee with French vanilla creamer and 14 table spoons of white sugar. On top of that he was eating six eggs, scrapple, bacon and a full cup berries. 

So I just looked at him in total disbelief because this is way too much food and it's way too much sugar and protein first thing in the morning. He thought that he was eating everything that was healthy and the sad thing is what he was eating except for the white sugar in the fridge for all the creamer and his coffee wasn't that bad it's just that he was eating massive quantities of food. Since he thought that he was following his own version of a low-carb high-fat diet you thought that he could eat as much of these types of food as he wanted. 

But that's not true. First of all again the white sugar and infringement on the creamer is nothing but sugar and that's not really part of a low-carb high-fat diet. Now if you want to teaspoon of fresh another creamer in your coffee I'm OK with that and I have no problem with that at all. But I would rather that you bought half-and-half or light cream or even skim milk in your coffee because that does not have as much sugar as the Frenchman on the creamer. 

And no way should you be putting white sugar want anything especially your coffee first thing in the morning. You can use Splenda you can use equal or any other type of sweetener where herbal sweetener specifically would be great like Stevia but you definitely cannot be using white sugar! And the scrapple, I don't think that's really a healthy food choice. So I explained to him that he was eating too much food, he was eating too much protein, and he was definitely eating and drinking too much sugar. I reviewed the proper nutritional ratio of carbohydrates proteins and everything else that he should be eating during the course of the day. 

For whatever reason he thought that being on this type of low carbohydrate high-fat diet he would be able able to eat 10 pounds of protein, beef, chicken or fish today and sadly this is not true. You are allowed to eat good healthy protein but you have to eat it in moderation. 

A generalize standard is that if you are a female you are usually OK having anywhere from 9 to 12 ounces are of protein throughout the course of the day. If you are a mill you could have anywhere from 12 to 18 ounces of protein in one day. Now this is not written in stone some people do not do well with this much protein and some people May require more protein than this. It really all depends on your body type, your metabolism and specific things like your level of physical activity your occupation and all that good stuff.