Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia Reviews

Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia Reviews

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Best Exercises For Weight Loss by Philadelphia Medical Weight Loss Diet Doctor

Since I have been trying to lose weight I've looked into what are the best weight-loss exercises to do if I wanted to lose pounds and inches. 

I have to tell you that there is so much information out there online, in magazines and books that it's very confusing. T

here are some people that are recommending that if you want to lose body fat that you should be doing high intensity interval training and this is basically where you pick different exercises and go as hard and as fast as you can for a set amount of time then have a period of rest and then do a high intensity exercise again. 

So this is what I have been reading that most people seem to be recommending. But then I look back and see what the professional Fitness athletes are doing like bodybuilders and fitness models and even bikini models and it seems that when they are trying to lose body fat eBay prefer doing the low-intensity high duration type of exercise something like a treadmill, a bicycle or even walking or jogging outside. 

From everything that I've read it seems that the physique competitors have been using this type of exercise for decades. Way back when Arnold Schwarzenegger was the king of bodybuilders and even before his time. But lots of my friends are working out with trainers and they are being advised to do weight lifting or resistance type of training. 

But most of them are getting bigger and I do not really want to tell them that they look like they are getting fatter. But of course the trainers are telling them and from everything that I read it says that muscle burns fat very effectively. So with all of this information you can see that I was really confused. 

So I looked into the research a little bit. And it is true that muscle burns calories very effectively but just because you're burning calories does that mean that you are burning body fat. I had a nice discussion about this with my medical weight loss doctor who practices in Philadelphia. And he told me I was one of the few people that he has ever spoken to that realized burning calories does not always mean that you are burning body fat. 

I like to workout in the gym once or twice a week and sometimes I like to go to Planet Fitness and other days I guess like walking around the neighborhood. 

And when I am in the gym or in Planet Fitness the people that I see lifting weights and are very lean and muscular and have almost no body fat r under the age of 30. And of course when you were young when you are in your teens and in your twenties most of us can eat almost anything that we want and still lose weight. 

It's when I got into my 30s that I had to be careful with what I was eating because I seem to be gaining a few pounds every year and no matter what I did the couple pounds of body fat accumulated each and every year. So maybe age has more to do with the type of exercises that we do to lose body fat then we actually think. 

My weight loss doctor told me that as we get older men have a decrease in testosterone and of course this affects how much muscle that we can develop and how much muscle that we can maintain and our physique and of course this also relates to how much body fat we have. 

It seems that when I wanted to lose weight I started weight lifting I started doing resistance training and I didn't build muscle butt and just look like I was getting fatter I was getting bigger and of course me being a guy I was like yeah look at me I'm buffed, I'm building all this muscle and I really didn't care about the layer of fat The Reserve at top of the muscle. 

So I was building nice muscle but I was still fat. And part of this was because of the diet I was following. I was not following the right type of body for my body type wear my metabolism eggs also the type of exercises that I was doing.

You see when I was doing my research it seemed that the bodybuilders have different phases of their exercises and this is in direct correlation with what they want to do with their physique. When they are looking to build as much muscle as much body mass is possible they eat lots of good quality food and they lift weights. 

But when it is time for them to get lean and mean so you can see all of that muscle they still lift weights but they do not do it as intensely as often as they do when they are trying to build up muscle mass and their primary exercise for your kids is to lose the body fat lose pounds and inches of body fat and for this they do the low intensity cardio. 

I did my research online and I found this out and I also had lots of conversations with some of the bodybuilders were in my gym. I am really lucky because I work out in the gym where there are lots of amateur bodybuilders looking to become professional Builders bodybuilders and even a couple professional bodybuilders that workout in the gym as well. 

Now they're honest with me and they told me that because of lots of the supplements that are out there and working with anti-aging doctors even weight loss doctors they are able to have the benefit of different nutritional supplements and hearing different types of medications that help them build much more muscle than bodybuilders did decades ago and it also helps them burn the body fat much more effectively than you and I can do without having access to those medications. 

One of the bodybuilder that I was talking with was like a walking medical encyclopedia. He knew every weight loss and diet pill that existed, he knew every type of steroid and every type of nutritional supplement. He knew each and everything about this medications and supplements and told me that for me to achieve the results that I wanted I was really best focusing on my diet. 

He suggested that I really focus on losing pounds and inches and then when I get to my desired body weight I could work on toning up my body. But he also told me that just doing the low intensity High duration type of exercises but not only get rid of my body fat but they would actually help tone my muscles as well. He told me that some of the best exercises that he has ever done for losing belly fat has been a walking, riding a bike, walking on a treadmill and even riding a stationary bike. 

So he suggested that since the weather is getting nice that every morning I go for an hour walk and that I do this on an empty stomach.  He also gave me the name of a very good Philadelphia diet doctor who helps him get in contest shape and he said that lots of the people in the gym go to this Philadelphia weight loss doctor also. 

As it turns out his doctor is the same doctor that I see to help me lose weight. And my doctor has told me almost everything that is bodybuilder has told me so I was really happy to find out that my weight loss doctor knows  quite a bit of good solid information. 

It was really nice to have this professional professional bodybuilder backing up everything that my diet doctor has already told me. But then I remembered that my Philly diet doctor was a bodybuilder back in his younger years. So no wonder he has all this great information. I have to tell you that I did go to some weight loss doctors other than the one I am presently seeing and they did not give me a quarter all the information as my new diet doctor does. 

And now I know why. It's because the diet doctor that I see now was a bodybuilder he was into physical fitness and having a lean and muscular physique from his early years as a teenager. 

So I guess for me since I'm losing body fat or wanting to lose body fat that the best type of exercise is for me would be walking on a treadmill or riding a bike. 

Since it is getting warm out there it's probably a good idea to go for a walk every morning. I would love to go for a nice walk in the park every morning before work but sometimes because of my scheduling in my family schedule and there's just no time for this. 

So during my lunch break I have been taking time to go for a nice walk instead of spending 45 minutes just sitting down and stuffing my face. Some days I am able to go for my morning walk on an empty stomach and sometimes I just may wake up so hungry that I need to eat something and when I'm like this I will usually have a couple eggs and a half of a small avocado and maybe one or two slices of turkey bacon. 

And this seems to take care of my appetite really well. If I'm not able to do my morning work walk first thing in the morning and I'm not able to go for a walk at lunch time I always try to go for a walk after dinner at night. No I have dogs and I tried to go for a walk with my dogs but they really tried to stop every few feet and take care of business if you know what I mean. 

So after dinner and after the dogs are fed I will take them for a little walk to do what they have to do and then I'll try to go for an hour walk on my own or hopefully my wife will join me. Now it is very dark out at night so I do make sure that I wear some type of reflective clothing so that when cars are approaching me they see me. It's amazing how many people I see walking at night when I am but they're wearing dark clothing and you can't see them when you were driving. 

So if you were going to walk at night make sure that you wear some type of reflective clothing or even carry a flashlight with you so that people can see you. The last thing that you want is to be hit by a car and be seriously injured when you were trying to go for a walk and increase your overall health and wellness and lose weight. 

My doctor always tells me that at my age I have to be smart I have to eat smart and exercise tomorrow so for me I think wearing reflective clothing when I'm walking at night or carrying a flashlight is definitely being smart. Then again if you were going to walk at night take a flashlight with you or where some type of reflective clothing so that oncoming traffic and see you. and when I go for a walk I mean just as I am just walking I'm not going for a jog I'm not going for a run. 

I especially do not want to be more hungry after I do this because I do not want to eat very late at night. male depending on the weather if it's too cold out or if it's rainy and damp I will just use a treadmill that I have in the house or ride on a stationary bike. 

Now I do prefer walking outside because it's almost like and meditation my mind is occupied after about 15 minutes of my walk I think the endorphins start pumping in my body and the endorphins are your body's natural feel-good hormone. 

I start to forget about work and the stress and strain of everyday life but if it's not now you stay outside if it's cold raining or game I will just exercise at home I will let her use a treadmill or stationary bike and I can do a couple different things I could watch a movie on the television I could set up my computer on a stationary bike and try to get some work done but honestly trying to get some work done while I'm exercising kind of defeats the purpose of exercising.

Now there a lot of different types of low intensity type of exercise most of them are considered some type of cardiovascular exercise and work off of your body’s Aerobic System so they're also called aerobic exercise. 

These exercises are super beneficial if you were trying to burn body fat. But if you are in shape and are trying to improve your overall physical capacity these type of exercises can also improve your stamina and they are really fantastic for increasing your overall health wellness and even your cardiovascular functions of your body. T

hey will help make your heart strong so that it's able to pump blood and oxygen through all the muscles and blood vessels of the body. This type of cardiovascular exercises enable your body to pump blood through all the arteries very efficiently and it improves your heart health and helps make it strong. 

It also improves your blood work and because it distracts your mind it's also great for helping with Stress and Anxiety. Aside from losing weight other benefits of this type of exercise are that it will help decrease our blood pressure and just by losing weight you could also lower your blood pressure and combining this with a good diet nutrition plan you can even improve other blood test results like cholesterol and helps improve your good cholesterol and helps decrease your bad cholesterol. 

Now two of my most favorite exercises if you have not already figured it out from this article is walking and the other one is bike riding. Walking is especially good for you if you haven't exercised for a while and you're looking to get yourself back in shape and you are looking to lose weight. If you are young you might be a little bit more aggressive with your exercise routines but if you were like me and passed the age of 30 and even past the age of 40 they say probably more pass the age of 40 you should really start any type of exercise program by walking. 

Walking is great because it burns the sugar out of your bloodstream when you walk for about 30 minutes or so and then eventually it actually starts burning your body fat. And from all the walking you're using almost each and every muscle of your body and this will help tone your muscles tone your body as well. 

After you have been walking for quite some time you might want to pick up the pace a little bit and jog. Not jogging is it good for losing weight and improving your cardiovascular health but for me it's too much of a high impact on my spine and my joints so I really prefer just walking or riding a stationary bike. 

But again it's a really good exercise if you were younger and you're in shape and looking to increase the intensity of your exercise. 

Now for those of us that are younger you might want to try jumping rope. 

Jumping rope is a great exercise it's especially useful for people that are into boxing is a sport. It helps build that explosive lower lower body power. I have read online that 8 to 15 minutes of jumping rope is just as beneficial as going for a run for 1 mile or so. 

Another exercise that is really good but you need access to a pool is swimming. Anyone any age can swim of course that is if you know how to swim. If you have a bad spine, bad knees a bad hip or bad joints swimming is especially good because you are almost weight loss. 

There is no stress or strain to your spine or to your joints. And this is really good for getting the heart pumping and increasing your heart rate and if you were in a cold pool there are some people that call this Chevy therapy because from your body shivering from the cold they say that you actually burn calories that way also. 

And of course let's not forget my good ol reliable bike riding. Now bike riding is one of the simplest and easiest things that you could possibly do. Because of my back injuries when it's raining and it's damp even walking increases my back pain so for days like this I like just putting a bike in front of the TV and just peddling and sometimes if my back pain is really kicking up big time I will just go nice and slow for as long as I can if I can go for 60 Minutes great, if I can't it doesn't matter 

I just like to get my body moving and get my heart rate up a little bit. And sometimes if there's a good TV show on I might get lost in the television and the endorphins start to increase from the bike riding and it's just a very very relaxing experience. 

And of course I love the treadmill just as much as I love the stationary bike the treadmill is used by cells of the people you see them on the treadmill each and every day trying to run their way to their desired body weight. Now I hate to say it that the most of the people that you see running on the treadmill may not always be in the best shape. 

That is because they should probably be walking first on the treadmill trying to keep their heart rate somewhere between 60 and 75% of your maximum heart rate. Doing this for 40 to 45 minutes does a really fantastic job of burning body fat. 

Now I do not really care for any type of aerobics classes or something like that but my wife really does she loves the different types of dance steps he especially loves doing zumba and of course they tell me that soon but is not a Rubik's but it's dancing and it's anaerobic type of activity so whether you call that zumba or aerobics it's still cardiovascular exercise and it's a good thing. Lots of people like aerobic type of classes weather resume before Jazzercise or any other type of class where they are performing aerobic activities as long as it's fun and as long as it's burning body fat and increasing your health and wellness I am totally 100% supportive of it. 

Now some people kind of think that resistance training using lower poundages of weights and just doing High repetition Kansas cardiovascular exercise and honestly I'm really not sure if it does. I know that it probably does get your heart rate up there but aside from that I really don't know but I think it does a really good job of turning your exercise so I would really probably talk with your weight loss doctor on this one.

There are lots of different books that are available in lots of great websites that will give you tons of information on different types of exercises for losing weight. 

So I definitely recommend that you do your research but I really hope that you enjoy this article and all of the other articles that I put on this blog. 

In this blog I really try to write my articles from the heart and talk to you as if you were my cousin. 

I do have to say that I am not a medical doctor and that before you try any type of exercise program you must discuss it with your doctor first.

So if Your doctor gives you the approval to do these exercises and you are able to give these different types of exercise an try I ask that when you have time please come back to my blog and make a couple comments and let me know if my articles have been beneficial to you.

Cut back to my blog anyway because every week at least once a week sometimes twice a week sometimes more I will try to post some great information on this blog. Thank you for reading my articles that have a fantastic day.